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Sati Ansuya Chitrakoot: Sati Ansuya Ashram Mahima & Kahani

Sati anasuya is a wonderful place located in Chitrakoot. In this place, the visitors would be seeing the beautiful surroundings and a temple that is famous for Sati Anasuya Chitrakoot. Paramhansi ashram or sati anasuya ashram is also found in the Chitrakoot where sati anasuya temple is found. You would also be seeing images of the various gurus. On the walls of the temple, the visitors would be seeing the statues of Lord Rama, Mata Sita, and lord Lakshman which is giving them an inspirational message.

Sati anasuya is also known by the name of anasuya. She was the daughter of Devahuti and kardama according to the old epic named Ramayana. She was living in the southern part of the Chitrakoot in a small house with her husband. She was also having miraculous powers. She has also given Mata Sita a cream that would be maintaining her beauty. She got all her teachings from her brother named Kapila. She was the mother of Dattatray who was part of Vishnu and durvasa.

Sati Anasuya ki Kahani:

Anasuya word is made from the two words of Sanskrit which was nah and asuya. These words are having a meaning the person who is free from all the jealousy. Some of the stories of the anasuya family have been described in the Bhagavat Gita. She was having 1 brother and 8 sisters excluding her. Every daughter got married to a rishi. Anasuya also gets praised by the Narada. Mata Lakshmi, Mata Parvati, and Mata Sarasvati also get teachings from her on how to be pativrata.

All three goddesses send their husbands to anasuya to seek permission for visiting her in the form of humans. their husbands went to her in the form of a 6-month baby and for many days they do not go to their wives. So, three goddesses went to her and told her to give back their husbands. All the gods give her a three-headed child as a boon.

It was the place where guru Atri and Mata anasuya lived. She gives various teachings to the Mata Sita during their exile. She even started the Mandakini River. One of the old sayings of this place is that this place is not having rainfall for 10 years. She prayed for years and bring the Mandakini River to the earth. She was known by the name sati because of the sacrifices she has done in her life. She was having a lot of dedication and love toward her husband.

The mountain is having vegetation around the temple which is increasing the beauty of this place. There are some depictions from the sati life which are giving positive thought and inspiration. Sati anasuya Ramayana is having a very much great role.

Sati anasuya mandir

Places to see near sati anasuya:

Some of the famous attractions of sati anasuya are Ganesh Bagh and Bharat Milap temple. These areas are having religious and cultural importance. These all are holy places that are found in the Chitrakoot. Some of the attractions which are found in the Chitrakoot other than sati anasuya :

Visiting timings:

If you want to visit sati anasuya then you must visit in the winter season because it is having a normal temperature. In the summer season, this place is having too much hot weather. The best time would be giving you the best sight visiting and exploration. When people are visiting this place, you would be seeing many shops which is selling various things to the people. If you want to buy things for the family then you may buy. A very famous ring named black horse placenta ring and it is the old saying that who so ever buys this ring would be relieved from various stress.

How to reach?

The Chitrakoot is found in the state of Uttar Pradesh and it is having a well-connected road which would be very much easier for the visitors to visit the Chitrakoot sati anasuya mandir and ashram. The visitors may visit the place by train, road, or by airplane.


Sati anasuya is a woman who has started the Mandakini River after worshiping for many years. She is known for the sacrifices done in her life. Ashram and temple are based on her. The temple is having a lot of statues of God which are telling various inspiring information about the daily problems people are facing. This place is having wonderful surroundings which would be providing you with fresh air, and give you a relaxing mood. Sati Anasuya ke Pati ka naam maharishi Atri Hai. The Mandakini River is made because of Sati anasuya Mahima.

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