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Kamtanath: Kamadgiri Parvat and Kamtanath Mandir Chitrakoot Travel

Kamad giri is one of the holiest places of the Chitrakoot place. The meaning of the ‘kamad giri’ is the mountain which is fulfilling the desires and wishes of the people who are visiting the Chitrakoot. Kamtanath is a place where Lord Rama, Mata Sita, and Lakshman have stayed during the exile of the 14 years. Lord Kamtanath is God or the deity of the Chitrakoot. According to the people, all the religious temples come in the path of the parikrama. The place remains green throughout the year but not in summers and is in the shape of a bow. Kamtanath is one of the religious temples found in the Chitrakoot.

What is the advantage of the Kamtanath temple?

Ramayana is having a great name for this place. On this place, lord Rama has lived for 11 years near Mandakini River. Many of the saints have done their puja on this place to fulfil their desire. Lord Rama and lord Bharat also meet at this place.

Kamtanath ki Kahani:

When Lord Rama was about to leave the Chitrakoot then kamad giri parvat requested lord Rama not to leave that place because this place was having value because of them only. So, Lord Rama give that place a blessing that who so ever complete the parikrama of this place their desire and wishes would be fulfilled. Many of the people came to visit this place and do parikrama of this parvat to fulfill their desire and wishes.

About Kamtanath temple:

Kamtanath ji

Kamtanath mandir came across the Kamtanath parikrama path. It was believed that Kamtanath baba is also part of Lord Rama. According to the ritual, lord Kamtanath ji chitrakoot is prayed along with Mata kamad giri. It is having very beautiful surroundings. It is having old beliefs that who so ever visit this place will fulfill their wishes and desire.

Places to visit near Kamtanath mandir:

1. Ram ghat :

The parikrama path is started with the ram ghat. The parikrama path is about 5km. all the people who desire to do parikrama have to take bath in the ram ghat. It was believed that Lord Rama used to take bath in this ghat and he also did libations to the water of his father in this ghat. It was also believed that the person who prayed with full deity then they would be reached near Lord Rama.

2. Bharat Milap temple:

This temple is made on the place where lord Bharat visits lord Rama to convince him to come back to Ayodhya and become king of that area. This place is having a main role in the most popular epic. This temple is having footprints of four brothers. Many of the people used to visit this place.

3. Lakshman Pahari:

It is the place where lord Lakshman used to stay during their exile of 14 years. From this place, Lakshman used to keep watch on the nearby things. If the people have to visit this place, they have to cross 200 stairs and the nature near this place is very beautiful. People would be able to see the Chitrakoot clearly.

How to visit this place:

  • Through airplane: the airport near Chitrakoot is Khajuraho which is about 175 km away from kamad giri. You can even take a taxi or bus from Khajuraho.
  • Through train: the nearby railway station is Chitrakoot Dham karvi and from the person can travel through bus or taxi to visit kamad giri
  • Through road: Kamad giri is very much connected with the different states or cities of Madhya Pradesh by which people can travel through any car, bus or any other transport.


Kamad giri Chitrakoot is a very beautiful place and it is one of the teerth. It is a holy place where Lord Rama, Mata Sita, and lord Lakshman have stayed for 11 to 12 years during their exile. There are various places which people can visit in the parikrama path. The best time to visit this place is Ramanavami, Amavasya, or any other month. The visitors may also do kamad giri Bhawan online booking.

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