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Hanuman Dhara: Chitrakoot Hanuman Dhara Mandir & Sita Rasoi

Hanuman dhara is considered the holy place of Chitrakoot. On the hanuman dhara Chitrakoot Dham, a very famous temple of Hanuman is situated which is on height. If you want to reach the temple then you have to go through stairs. On the top of the Chitrakoot hanuman dhara mandir, you will also see the Mata Sita Rasoi where she has cooked food for brahman. The visitors would be seeing a stream running throughout the year. If you are visiting this area on rainy days then you will see the waterfall. Hanuman dhara Chitrakoot is 3km away from the Ram Ghat. Many of the devotees used to visit this place.

If the people are traveling to the hanuman dhara then you would be able to see the stairs to reach the hanuman dhara. On the stairs, different shops are selling the prasad. You can buy it for your family and relatives. When you would be reaching a lot of groups would be coming to you for sell prasad. Here, you would also be finding boiled berry for the eating purpose. Visitors would be seeing monkeys on the stairs. If you have taken anything then keep it in your bag otherwise monkey would take your food.

When you reach the main door of the temple then you would be seeing the statue of lord hanuman on one side of the door and another side, you would be seeing the statue of Lord Ganesh. Inside the temple, pujari Ji is sitting and you would be able to see the statue of hanuman. You can worship there. When you go upstairs there you would be able to see the photoshoot area where you can click different photographs.

You would also be seeing a statue of Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman, and Mata Sita. From there the surrounding is so beautiful and you can even enjoy the sightseeing. Just below the temple, you would be able to see a stream flowing through which is flowing through the mountains. Then it is thrown inside the water kund. This water is very much clean and you may even drink this water. It was believed that hanuman could be seen in this place.

If you go upstairs then you would also be seeing Narsingh dhara. The Narsingh statue is built in between the mountains from their dhara used to flow.

hanuman dhara Chitrakoot

Hanuman Dhara Story:

This place is important in Ramayana. When hanuman visits Mata Sita in Lanka he got fire in his tail. He then went to Lord Rama and asked him how to heal his tail then Lord Rama told him to visit this place. He told him that a stream would flow from this area and he will feel better by washing his tail. Since that time this stream is known by the name hanuman dhara.

Sita Rasoi:

Sita rasoi is situated just above the Chitrakoot hanuman dhara temple and it is a place where she cooked food for the brahman. You can see the utensils of the Mata Sita which she used to cook food. There are many temples in this place but Sita rasoi is the main. The view of the surroundings from this place is very beautiful. You may even click photographs and enjoy playing some games. When you are traveling through the stairs you will see the statues of Lord Rama, Mata Sita, and Lord Lakshman.

Ropeway hanuman dhara Chitrakoot:

People can visit Hanuman dhara by using the ropeway facility. It is very much useful for the old age people for visiting this place. This facility is provided to the people at affordable rates. It is very much interesting to visit through a ropeway. This ropeway would be stopped just near the temple of hanuman. If you are interested in visiting the Sita rasoi then you may visit it by visiting hanuman dhara.

Best time to visit:

Hanuman dhara is a beautiful place which is located in the districts of the Chitrakoot. It depends upon which weather suits you the most. The summer timings would be having 47 degrees Celsius and it may get cold in the evenings. It is the best place for sightseeing.

How to visit Chitrakoot?

Chitrakoot ki Hanuman dhara is in Uttar Pradesh which is having connectivity to other states and cities. This place is not having an airport so it would be easy for you to travel by train or by road.

By road:

Chitrakoot is connected with road and you can reach here by using government or private vehicles like buses.

By train:

Chitrakoot Dham karvi is the nearest railway station to Chitrakoot. It is 11km away from the Chitrakoot. It would not take more than 30 minutes to reach the place. After reaching the station you may take any taxi or any vehicle to reach this place.

By air:

If you are traveling by air, you can reach the bamrauli airport which is only 116 km away from Chitrakoot. After reaching the airport, you may take any vehicle to reach Chitrakoot.


Hanuman dhara is a religious place of the Chitrakoot. You can easily travel to reach this place. It is a well-known place where hanuman has got relief from his pain. Here, a stream also flows which gives beauty to this place. There are several visitors visit this place in a year. The above Hanuman dhara in Chitrakoot is a very unique or holy place of Mata Sita where she cooks food.

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