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Top Ten Places to Visit in Delhi and Avoid the Crowd

When we talk about Delhi, we cannot avoid talking about the soul of the city pulsating with history, culture, and life. The city is full of bustling markets and iconic monuments responsible for drawing tourists from all over the world and the fact that this number is huge is something that is beyond all doubts. However, even after years of remaining a prime tourist destination, it still houses a number of hidden gems, still unexplored. Let’s cover some of its most crowded areas and give you fun alternatives if you are not a fan of the crowd. Rest for the night at your favorite 3-star hotels in Delhi and explore these hidden gems in Delhi in your own time.

1. Consider visiting Khan Market Instead of Connaught Place

If you have heard about the most famous places in Delhi, you must also have heard about Connaught Place. This bustling commercial and business hub is often the star attraction in New Delhi owing to its nightlife, shopping, and tourist options. If you, however, prefer a quieter alternative, you can visit the Khan market, offering delicious food, top-notch designer clothes, and a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere. This might as well turn out to be your one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs.

2. Take a break from Karim’s and Visit Al Kauser

Yes, we all love Karim’s – the legendary eatery that needs no introduction. But do you sometimes feel that the whole experience is a little overwhelming with all the crowd and the madness?  We suggest that you try Al Kauser, serving classic Mughlai flavors and with multiple outlets all across the capital. Try their mouthwatering mutton burra, chicken tikka, and kebabs, and thank us later.

3. Sarojini Nagar now has an Alternative – Try Visiting Janpath Market

Sarojini Nagar sure is a paradise for shoppers and might even be the most favored destination for shopping enthusiasts. But if you are not a fan of the overwhelming crowd, you might be looking for its worthy alternatives. Janpath Market is one such wonderful alternative where you can get Tibetan to Gujarati jewellery, crafts, and home decor – all in one place.

4.   Hauz Khas? – Try Sanjay Van

Hauz Khas is popular for its remarkable buildings of medieval times, surrounding a reservoir and scattered with Islamic architecture blending with the urban fabric. But it is an extremely popular tourist destination and often attracts huge crowds. Tourists also make use of the 3-star hotels in Delhi to get hotels around this place for its locational advantage. Sanjay Van on the other hand is a hidden gem with a lush green forest, with ancient tombs, hidden trails, and diverse wildlife. Enjoy the serenity of this place away from the madding crowd.


5. Been to Jama Masjid? Visit the Begumpur Masjid Next time

Built by Shah Jahan between 1644 and 1656, the Jama Masjid happens to be one of the largest mosques in India. Every day it sees an immense footfall owing to its architectural brilliance. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can visit the Begampur Masjid, built during the Tughlaq dynasty and the oldest mosque in Delhi. The mosque, featuring 64 domes and a blend of red stone and white marble, is also an architectural wonder – an experience you are bound to enjoy.

6. The Red Fort is Great, Now What About Chunnamal Haveli?

The Red Fort or Laal Quila is definitely one of the most visited and touristy places in the old Delhi neighbourhood. Every year it attracts innumerable tourists both from within India as well as from all over the world. But if you want to get away from the crowd and still visit a place as interesting as the Red Fort, an architectural marvel hiding intriguing stories. To top it all, you may also come across some haunted stories about this place.

7. You Heard About Lodhi Gardens? How about Bhardwaj Lake Asola instead?

The very popular Lodhi Gardens in Delhi houses a number of historical monuments from the 15th and 16th centuries and is a very popular tourist destination. History and nature intertwine in this beautiful oasis of a place. But in case you are looking for a less crowded destination like this, the Bhardwaj Lake, Asola will not disappoint you. This beautiful place also attracts many migratory birds of rare species during the winters and you can spend some wonderful hours enjoying the beauty of nature and its serenity, away from the crowd.

8. Let’s Choose Majnu ka Tila today, instead of Paharganj

Historically, Paharganj serves as one of the five main markets in Delhi, and in the current times, it is popular for its restaurants, shops, and affordable hotels. Considering the concentration of these establishments in the neighbourhood, it is also usually heavily crowded around the year. The Budget-friendly hotel booking apps can get you many budget hotels in this area. So next time you are in Delhi, you may skip Paharganj for Majnu ka Tila, which is home to Tibetan refugees and will definitely let you have a very different cultural experience. The narrow lanes, the Buddhist monasteries, and the authentic Tibetan cuisine – together make a very compelling case for you to visit this place!

9. Dilli Haat is famous, But How About Ghazipur Phool Mandi?

Delhi Haat is the heart of Delhi’s shopping experiences and visitors here can explore the stalls selling a variety of interesting items including jewelery, pottery, handicrafts, etc and at the same time also enjoy the lively atmosphere here. On the other hand, you have the Ghazipur Phool Mandi, – Delhi’s wholesale flower market. Although this place is also crowded, the number of tourists coming to this place is not a lot and you can enjoy the buzz of activities and the vibrance of the flower market for a different kind of experience.

10. Santushi Shopping Complex Instead of Select Citywalk

Tucked away in Greater Kailash, the Santushi Shopping Complex offers a boutique shopping experience to all those who are interested, and here, you can enjoy shopping without worrying about the mall madness. These hidden gems, as we have mentioned, are an integral part of the history and the mysteries that Delhi has. Be it culture, or history, or the offbeat experiences you seek, Delhi will never disappoint you.

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