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Bijay Mandal: Architecture, History and Haunted Story

Delhi is full of architectural wonders, and every single monument takes you to the depth of historical significance! While many monuments like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and Birla Mandir are famous amongst tourists; there are a few unknown and serene locations that are yet to get explored.

Bijay Mandal Overview

Bijay Mandal is an exquisite getaway in the middle of Delhi that is near the city limits. If you wish to go for a one-day trip to Bijay Mandal Delhi, it is a fantastic place to enjoy this location’s serenity. Let’s take a glimpse of everything marvelous about Bijay Mandal fort. This is a splendid fort with Turkish architectural excellence that is also popular as the ‘Thousand Pillared castle‘. Although there are many myths about this place, it is exemplary in terms of design and structure.

It stands with pride after its construction in the 14th century. It is situated in the South Delhi region. Bijay Mandal fort allures a lot of local and foreign tourists to visit over here. It has a two-story octagonal tower that imparts a jaw-dropping scenic view of nearby famous monuments. And you would hold your breath after having a sight at the panoramic view of the entire Delhi city. Even the Delhi localities who wish to go for a day outing often enjoy some peaceful moments.

History of Bijay Mandal

History of Bijay Mandal

Decrypting the Bijay Mandal history is a trivial task for sure. Many people also recognize this place as Bijay Mandal Delhi haunted due to some dark secrets. The structure of this place puzzles many while few dive into the mystic stories of this silent yet screaming structure! This fort was built centuries ago, and for years people did not even know about its significance.

The eccentric ruler of Delhi, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq created this ‘Thousand Pillared‘ palace that bespoke his majesty. A specific part of the Bijay Mandal Palace is also a part of Jahanpanah which is amongst the top four Delhi Sultanate cities.

Bijay Mandal monument only has some of its remains, and yet they are very eye-pleasing and mind-twirling. The construction of the Bijay Mandal fort got started by the Allauddin Khilji, Muhammad bin Tughlaq embellished it with further additions.

The overall structure of this monument stands on a high-rise platform and then surmounted with another one. Also, there is a ramp at the sides of its octagonal pavilion and gives a spectacular city view. Towards the Northern side, there is also a shrine of Sufi saint, Sheikh Hasan Tahir, and graves surrounding it.

The Architecture of Bijay Mandal

Architecture of Bijay Mandal

As Bijay Mandal architecture dates back to the 14th century, the overall structure suffered deterioration and archaeologists are continually striving to decrypt the fort detail. Earlier in the last century, a whole treasure recovery resulted, making it all the more secretive and worth digging.

These hints give a clear indication that a royal emperor had a kingdom over here. The government of Delhi created a wall along with barbed fire for protecting the whole structure from nearby extensions and expansions.

Although there is nothing very wow about the Bijay Mandal fort architecture, the ruble-masonry structure has some magnetic power that attracts tourists. People who wish for some serenity and seclusion within the Delhi vicinity come over here to escape from the city chaos.

Bijay Mandal monument also has some steps which lead to an octagonal pavilion over the roof. This spectacular fort is at the height of 150 feet above the ground stating its magnificent presence. After having a keen glance at this historical architecture’s walls, you can figure out the beautifully carved ‘Ibn Batuta’ writings that gather attention. If you are looking for some quiet moments in this National capital, this historic place is sure to allure you with its magnificence.

How to Reach Bijay Mandal Delhi?

The simplest way to reach Bijay Mandal is through the Hauz Khas metro station. After reaching there, you can opt for the auto ride and reach your destination. Once you arrive at Bijay Mandal Hauz Khas, you could easily reach the monument within a few minutes.

  • Address– Near Begumpur, Kalu Sarai, Sarvpriya Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi-16, India
  • Timing: 06:00 am – 06:30 pm
  • Preferred time to visit- 09:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Nearest Metro: Hauz Khas metro station in Yellow line is the nearest metro station to Bijay Mandal.

It is an exciting place to visit if you are keen on exploring this place’s hidden architectural marvel.

Final words

So, if you have any plans to visit Delhi, include Bijay Mandal in your itinerary. It is a pinch of refreshment in the middle of Delhi if you wish to explore the serenity and quiet time. Very few people know that a visit here can also give them a bird’s eye view of Lotus Temple and Qutub Minar’s famous monuments. Plan your outing to this getaway where you can identify traces from the imperial past of India!

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