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Lotus Temple Delhi: Timings, Ticket Price, Height and Built by Info

Lotus temple is located in Delhi which is the capital of India. It is having a flower-like shape which is the main attraction of this place. It was the Baha I house of worship. This place is open to all kinds of religions and the caste they belong to. No qualification is seen for visiting this place. The lotus temple in Delhi is having 27 free-standing marble-clad which are arranged on three to nine sides. It is having 9 gates for the entrance which led to a huge hall. It is having a usual height of 34 meters and 1300 people can visit this place at a time. It has been published in magazines and got many rewards based on architecture.

Lotus Temple History:

The lotus temple is having a lot of gathering on 23 December 1986 which is including people from various countries and even from India. When the temple was opened many people visited this place. This place is known for its religion and humanity. Many visitors from different countries used to visit this place for reading scriptures and praying as per their ritual.

There are no restrictions in this place but everyone has to remain silent when entering the temple. When the architect got the contract for the building, he used to travel to various places to know the culture and traditions of the people. He came to know that the lotus is playing a very important role in every religion.

In 1953, the foundation stone was kept for making the lotus temple. In 1980, the construction of the lotus temple begins.

Lotus Temple Inside:


All the Bahas temples are having certain elements in common like the Bahas scripture. The founder of the religion said that the essential architectural character should be the nine-sided circular shape. New Baha houses of worship are having a dome on the top but it is not considered an important part of the architecture.

Their religion of them means that no photos, no statues, and no images should be displayed inside the house. This temple is having 27 marble clad which are not have a pole for standing and have an entrance from 9 sides. The entrance led to a central hall which is 34.3 meters. The sitting arrangement in this can be up to 1300 people and the capacity held by this temple can be 2500.

The marble which is used to make the surface of the temple is white marble that came from the penteli mountain which is in Greece and it is used in many other monuments. The property of the lotus temple is about 26 acres. The electricity produced by the solar panels is only used by the lotus temple. It mostly uses 500-watt electricity per day.

Lotus Temple Architect:

lotus temple


The lotus temple was designed by the Fariborz architect which is from Iran. He designed it in the form of a lotus because the lotus is playing a very important role in both the religions Hinduism and Buddhism. He also got various awards from Glob Art, the institution of structural engineering, and many more. Later on, construction was in hands of the UK firm flint and Neil.

This was 18 monthly courses. The expenditure on making this lotus temple was $10 million. The architect is having the idea that the lotus temple should look like a flower floating in the pond. The water which is surrounding the temple is also ventilating it. The architect gave it the look of a shell from the outside.

Prayer service

The prayer services involve the chanting of the prayers of the different religions. The prayers are sung periodically at 10 A.M., noon, 3 P.M., and 5 P.M. This place is not having a ritual, customs, or traditions but the visitors have to remain silent while visiting this place. Children below 12 years are not allowed in this place.

Information center

The lotus temple information center is having information about the Bahas house of worship. It can be shown in the form of pictures, or film. The information is including the philosophy and the socio-economic activities done by Bahas in different parts of the world. Lotus temple drawings are also available in this area.

The information is constructed just opposite the prayer service area of the lotus temple. It is constructed for the people who want to get more information about the Bahas house of worship. The main motive of the events organized is to promote unity throughout the world. The information center is open for everyone from Monday to Saturday.

How to reach the lotus temple:

  • By metro: Lotus temple’s nearest metro station is Kalkaji mandir metro station in Violet Line and and Magenta Line.
  • By road: the visitors who want to visit this place may take a taxi or bus from the other attraction in Delhi.
  • By air: you may take a cab or taxi from the airport as it is 13 km away from the airport.

Lotus temple timings:

The visitors may visit this place with their friends or family. It is open for all from Tuesday to Sunday but it is closed on Monday. Entry is free for all the religious people who so ever wanted to visit this place. People may visit this place between 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M in the month of April to September and 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. in the month of October to march.

Facts of lotus temple:

  • The temple is having the facility of seating 1300 people and handles a crowd of about 2500 people at a particular time. The museum is not having any altars like other Baha houses of worship.
  • The main attraction of this temple is that each petal is having a water pool around it and it looks awesome when looked at night time.
  • The temple is designed by both America and Iran because it is designed by the Fariborz sahba, and UK firm flint and Neil.


This is one of the attractions of Delhi and most people visited this place on the regular basis. No religion, no tradition, and no customs are followed by this temple. Prayers of different religions are recited at intervals. The main rule of this place is that people have to remain silent when they enter the temple. Children below 12 years are not allowed to visit this place. The structure of this temple is wonderful. The lotus temple height is more than 130 feet.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where is the lotus temple?
The lotus temple is in the village of bahapur in New Delhi.

2. What is the lotus temple ticket price?
Entry is free for all the religious people who so ever wanted to visit this place.

3. What is the lotus temple opening time?
From April to September is 8 AM to 6 PM and from October to March is 8 AM to 5 PM. Monday is closed.

4. What is the lotus temple height?
The lotus temple’s height is 34.27 metres (112.4 ft)

5. Where is the lotus temple located?
Lotus temple is located in the village of bahapur near Kalkaji Mandir, New Delhi which is the capital of India.

6. Who builds the lotus temple?
The lotus temple is built by the Iran architect named Fariborz sahba.

7. Who made the lotus temple?
Fariborz sahba, an Iran architect made the lotus temple. Later on, UK firm flint and Neil work on the structural part.

8. What is a lotus temple?
A lotus temple is the Bahas house of worship which is not having a tradition, ritual, or custom which is to be followed.

9. How to reach the lotus temple by metro?
Lotus temple nearest metro station is Kalkaji metro station. It is only 500 meters away from the lotus temple.

10. Why was the lotus temple built?
It is showcasing the Bahas I faith’s simplicity, clarity, and freshness. It is working like a symbol of the unity of mankind.

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