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Lodhi Garden Delhi: Timing, Restaurant & Nearest Metro Station

Delhi is globally known for its magical monuments and finger-licking street food! Lodhi Garden is another famous historical location from Delhi that has architectural significance! It is a popular getaway for Delhiites due to its panoramic view and astonishing sights. Lodhi garden Delhi has its name based on the wife of a Britisher, Lady Willingdon.

If you wish to escape yourself for a pleasing and eye-soothing landscape, then this garden in the Country’s capital is a sight to visit. This tree-shaded garden has a lush green ambiance and captivating plantations all around. Couples often visit here and get mesmerized by the lovely views of this incredible monument.

The real beauty of the Lodhi Garden struck is in its distinctive architectural style, and it is a treat for the viewers! There are several noticeable historical structures in the heart of the Lodhi garden, such as Bara Gumbad, Sheesh Gumbad, Lakes, tomb, and Athpula (Eight pillared bridge). It is a hot destination for lovers due to the well-crafted garden space where you can witness the mesmerizing wonders of the rose garden and the bonsai park. Every morning there are fascinating plants that can take your breath away.

This is a beautiful location that offers both educational and entertainment activities for the people coming here. The fearless tales related to this place’s history often amaze the tourists to know more about it. Whether it is the local joggers popping here every morning of the tourists, this is a pride of Delhi that adds stars and bejewels the historical city! Lodhi garden pre-wedding shoot is also highly popular.

When you are at Lodhi garden, do not miss eyeing over this place’s other popular attractions. Whether it’s the Safdarjung Tomb of the Khan Market, there are many choices to explore. It also has a well-designed India Habitat Centre to visit. When it comes to activities at this place, you can enjoy a dearth of things here. It is a perfect parcel of nature and history that captures the attention of the people here.

Lodhi Garden History:

The stunning place also has a diverse history that glorifies it excellently. Travelers coming here can eye over the mind-boggling dome shapes edifices and intricately carved Indo-Islamic architecture. Apart from being an excellent picnic spot, it is also an incredible amalgamation of history, nature, culture, and fun!

Lodhi garden history dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries under Lodhi and Sayyid rulers’ governance. After the end of the Lodhi dynasty and the Delhi Sultanate in the year 1526, the emperor Babur flourished the Mughal rule in the Country. However, the Lodhi garden does not have any significant impression on the Lodhi Garden.

Once the British Colonial Government develops the Lodhi Garden in the year 1936, it also got designed by the wife of the Governor-General of India (Lady Willingdon). Lodhi garden also had a fabulous makeover in 1968 through the American Landscape architect Garrett Eckno and Joseph Allen Stein. It also has a makeover and the glasshouse, bonsai park installation, a lake, and the rose garden.

Lodhi Garden Architecture

This is a fascinating architecture by Mohammed Shah, who comprises of mausoleum Hindu and Islamic style features. There are eight chhatris and a giant central dome in between. Over the 8 small domes structures, there is a beautiful lotus finial and ornate pinnacle work at the sides. It gets created into the octagonal chamber and is a wonderful sight to behold.

Another surprising factor about the architecture of Lodhi garden Delhi is exciting revelations about Mohammed Shah’s tomb. It again signifies the epitome of Indo-Islamic style work. There are octagonal designs within the structure and a central dome, but the chhatris are missing.

A glimpse of this tomb can replicate the intricate Mughal architecture designs carved on the walls. There is a dome pathway through which you can make an entry to the tomb.

Lodhi garden architecture is also about distinct styles and detailed carvings. The glasshouse and the fountain here embellishes the whole place wonderfully.

Lodhi Garden Designing:

Lodhi Garden History

In 1936, during the British rule in India and during the odd political situations, where the native Indians were fighting with their lives to gain freedom from the clutches of the British, the wife of governor-general Marquess of Wellington, Lady Wellington was busy beautifying this place.

She was an artist and the examples of her specialties are kept intact in the garden even after all these years. Just imagine the history buried in this garden.

During those unsettled years, a British woman didn’t think of cruelty but devoted herself to blooming something new for a place that was never her native one.

These small stories make this place a must-visit for all the people coming to Delhi. Delhi speaks history with all its breath; you just need to have ears to listen to them!

Lodhi Garden Redesigning:

In 1968, the government thought of redesigned and re-imagined this garden. The prominent placement of the garden between the most popular Khan market and very popular Safdarjung’s tomb makes it a wonderful place to reach by Delhites.

During that period, the government decided that they would bring designers from different countries and ask them to redesign the place for the native Indians.

So they brought two exceptionally talented designers from America; Joseph Allen Stein and Garrett Eckbo. These two talented people didn’t change the interiors of the garden a lot.

They kept the heart at its place and changed some minor things and added some minor detailing that gave the place another signature without ruining its past glamour and glory.

Things to See and Do in Loghi Garden

Sikandar Lodi Tomb:

Sikandar Lodi Tomb

This is the second most prominent tombs in the Lodhi Garden. This is the final resting place of Sikandar Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty. Sikandar ruled Delhi from the year 1459 to 1517, and this tomb was built by his son Ibrahim Lodi.

A visitor will find many common construction traits between the Mohammad Shah Tomb and the Sikandar Lodi Tomb, with the latter being inspired by the former.

Sikandar Lodi is best known for establishing the city of Agra, which will subsequently become his capital in a few years. An able ruler, Sikandar had an ever going conflict with the ruler of Gwalior, Mansingh Tomar, with whom the Lodi ruler fought almost all of his life.

All in all, the Sikandar Lodi Tomb in the Lodhi Garden Delhi holds great historical significance and one must not miss the chance to observe this architectural masterpiece!

Shish Gumbad:

Shish Gumbad

It is a building that imitates the Bada Gumbad in many ways, especially in terms of its shape. But what makes it difficult for it is its ornamentation or the decoration.

On the outside, one can see the remains of blue-glazed tiles, which is from where it derives the name ‘Shish Gumbad‘ or glass dome. One possibility is that its outside was once fully covered with these tiles.

Inside, one can find numerous graves of unknown personalities. Historians say that one of these graves might be of Bahloi Lodi, father of Sikandar Lodi. One will find two different patterns in the Shish Gumbad, a square, and an octagonal pattern.

Its facade is divided in such a way by a string course and a sunk niche series that it gives it a look of being two-storeyed. The western wall has an arch, which was a mosque.

One can find semblances of both Hindu and Islamic constitutions in it. From the inside, one can find Quranic verses inscribed along with floral patterns, giving this place a beautiful look. A must-visit place in Lodhi garden New Delhi.

Bara Gumbad:

Bara Gumbad

The Bara Gumbad, translated as Big Dome in Hindi, was built during the Lodi period by Sikandar Lodi in 1490. The Bara Gumbad is a tomb of some unknown nobleman or king from the Lodi period.

The structure is remarkable in the way it has been constructed, with it being constructed on a raised platform, having a square shape. Some scholars have speculated that the dome was built as a gateway to the adjacent mosque.

Just like the Shish Gumbad, the height of the Bara Gumbad is such that it looks like a two-storeyed structure. Its architectural style is a mix of Hindu and Islamic styles.

Three sides of this dome are decorated with red, black, and grey sandstones, the fourth one having quartzite. The Gumbad is adorned by beautiful ornamental carvings from the inside.

One can also find beautifully painted plaster and elaborately colored times on the inside of this domed structure. It is a must-see place for both history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

Fountains of Lodhi Garden:

Fountains in Lodi Gardens

Lodhi garden houses some of the most exciting and wonderful water bodies. As we said you will get birds all around and you will get to see lots of goose playing around, water bodies should be there around this place.

Well, lots of fountains are waiting for you. Some fountains can be seen around the lake under the Athpula Bridge. This is sheer enjoyment for the kids and for the grown-ups too.

We all love watching fountains for the whole day! If you have a kid at home, just bring him or her along with you to Lodhi Gardens and allow your child to enjoy and roam around the place to give it a clear view of the whole place.

Athpula (eight piers) Bridge:

Athpula (eight piers) Bridge

This beautiful bridge consists of seven arches and has a total of eight piers, thus deriving the name Athpula(Ath meaning eight). This beautiful bridge is situated just in front of the Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, beautifully adorning the whole Lodi garden and adding a touch of elegance to it.

The bridge was built during the rule of Emperor Akbar of the Mughal dynasty by Nawab Bahadur in the 17th century. This bridge is only one of the few surviving constructions in Delhi from the time of Akbar.

Built from old grey stone and parapet of the same material, the bridge is surrounded by water from all sides and during the daytime, its beautiful reflection is very much visible in the waters surrounding it.

The water though dries up in the summertime. The bridge once saw a tributary of river Yamuna spanning through its arches.

Today, this bridge is a Category A monument, which makes it a protected monument under the Archeological Survey of India.

The Herbal Garden:

Herbal Garden

Do you love the smell of different herbs and ingredients that you use in your day-to-day cooking? Well, if you do so, visiting Lodhi gardens can give you another dash of joy.

The garden houses a smaller section known as the herb garden. If you roam around the place, you will get to see almost all of your known herbs and several unknown herbs around you. The smell of these trees, buds, flowers, and pods can take you to the land of ecstasy.

The herb garden is certainly one of the most interesting parts of Lodhi’s garden. If you are visiting the place with a guide, he will surely take you to this area, if you are roaming around on your own, you must search the internet and give this area a visit for sure. Your love for herbs will certainly increase after this sojourn.

Birds in Lodi Garden:

Birds in Lodhi Garden

One of the biggest attractions in the Lodi Garden is the birds of the park. There are about 28 different kinds of birds in the park, which is quite a big number.

Many of these birds are quite rare and cannot be found in an urban settlement. The most common kinds of birds are the Weaver bird, common myna, crow, house sparrow, cuckoo, duck, and the blue rock pigeon.

Whereas some of the rare species of birds in the Lodi Gardens are White-rumped Vulture, Black Drongo, Indian Grey Hornbill, White-breasted Kingfisher, Eurasian Collard Dove, Large Build Crow, among others.

Even if someone is not interested in architecture, one can come here and enjoy these lush green fields with beautiful birds all around the place frolicking about.

It is a great picnic spot, and the Lodhi garden for couples is indeed a good place where you can enjoy the works of nature in serenity with your loved one.

Check out the Garden Restaurant:

The Garden Restaurant

So while roaming around the place if you feel that your tummy needs some food, a very beautifully decorated garden restaurant is available at your service.

The garden restaurant Lodhi Garden is one of the most amazing places that can house parties, small get-togethers, events that needed to be done inside a garden restaurant and of course small marriages and engagements.

This is a beautiful, small and cozy place. You can easily go for this place and it will never fail to attract and amaze you. Several cuisines are available for the people visiting this place.

They have separate arrangements done for the kids. So if you are with your kids and worrying about what to feed them, this restaurant particularly has lots to offer for your kids.

So do not hesitate to ask! Reach the Lodhi Garden metro station, Lok Kalyan Marg, from any part of NCR and enjoy yourself!

Muhammad Shah Tomb:

Muhammad Shah Tomb

Two of the most prominent tombs present in this garden are the tomb of Muhammad Shah and the tomb of Sikandar Lodhi. Muhammad Shah of the Sayyid Dynasty was the third ruler of the dynasty who ruled Delhi from 1434-1445.

Sayyid rulers were the subservience of the Timurids. Muhammad Shah didn’t make any prominent mark during his 11 years of rule. He along with his son was considered as two of the weakest and incapable rulers that ever ruled Delhi.

That is the reason, they were overthrown by the Lodhis soon enough. The tomb of Muhammad Shah is a reminder of the Sayyid dynasty that ruled Delhi once!

Pre-Wedding shoot- Lodhi Garden!

Do you dream of a memorable pre-wedding shoot amidst the lush greenery and with eye-striking backdrops? Lodhi Garden pre-wedding shoot is immensely popular due to the locational advantage available over here. The whole place has so many wow spots that photo fanatics cannot stop themselves from clicking some stupendous pictures over here.

It is a beautiful monument with gives a perfect mix of rustic and classic vibes. Rich, elegant, grace and beautiful are the words for this place. The Sheesh Gumbad and the Bara Gumbad located at the Lodhi Garden center are the main attractions for couples coming over here. It gives a blissful replication from the architectural excellence related to the Mughal era.

The setting of colorful flowers and a glorified texture motivates photographers to plan the pre-wedding shoot Lodhi Garden. It is a preferred location due to the antique architecture and the traditional setup perfect for a wedding shoot. If you wish to choose a location that unleashes the natural background along with several backdrops, then Lodhi garden Delhi is the right pick for you.

Pros of Lodhi garden pre-wedding shoot are:

  • No shooting charge– A vital fact related to the Lodhi gardens is you can shoot here without paying extra charges. As this is government property, you can utilize the entire place without paying a penny.
  • Grand backdrops- Finding such a glorified background for a wedding shoot in Delhi is a big task. Most of the places here are congested, and using artificial backdrops kills a pre-wedding shoot’s vibe. Hence, the Lodhi garden pre-wedding shoot offers a 90-acre vast space with ample natural settings to try out.
  • Perfect scheduling of time– It is free, and there is also no time boundaries to shoot here. You can visit here at any time between the closing and opening hours. If you wish to opt for a periodic shoot, even that is available here.
  • Easy accessibility– Couples can visit the Lodhi garden as it is close to the capital Delhi. You can get the ease of shoot completion within a day and also the traveling distance could reduce considerably.
    However, the authorities do not allow drone photography for the pre-wedding shoot in Lodhi garden. Also, you cannot find any changing rooms here to get into different attire. Are you even thinking about where is Lodhi garden?

Just put it in your Google maps and straight away halt at the location. And the park timings are from 6.00 AM to 7.30 PM. It is close to Delhi, and exploring this exciting place can surely give you access to another marvelous Indian architecture!

Lodhi Garden for Couple:

Beautiful Garden

Spread over 90 acres, this place is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the heartland of “Dilwale ki Dilli”. Lodhi garden Delhi this place is loved by the school, college-goers, and love birds of Delhi.

Lodhi garden for couples is a safe and chilled place! The solace and calmness this place offers are unbelievable. It can give you some peace of mind and a quick break from the ever-going hustle and bustle of metro city life.

Lodhi Garden Tickets and Timings:

Lodhi Garden

If you are a visitor, then you will not require any money to enter this property. There’s no ticket demanded to the visitors. So it is absolutely free.

Lodhi garden timings are lenient. Lodhi Garden timings during the months of April September are from 5:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. It opens from 6:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. from October to March. So take a metro to the nearest metro to Lodhi garden and enjoy yourself with friends.

How to Reach Lodi Garden:

If you have planned to visit Lodi Garden, then you should look for the nearest metro to Lodhi Garden, because that should be the place where your stop should be.

So, Lodhi garden nearest metro station is Lok Kalyan Marg metro station, one will have to exit either from gate number 1 or gate number 2 and from here you will have to walk for about 1 kilometer to reach Lodi Gardens. 


Lodhi Garden attracts visitors from different corners of the world. Not only people visit this place to take some snaps, but they also spend hours here enjoying the history of India.

Once you reach here, you will see a wonderful historical atmosphere attracting you. If you love history, then this place, of course, has lots of offers for you.

Places to visit near Lodhi Garden

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