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Tomb of Sikander Lodhi- History, Architecture, and How to Reach?

A visit to Delhi always leaves you awestruck with its splendid monuments and their panoramic views. Whenever you explore this city, it feels like there is yet to unleash, and a new vibe emerges each time. If you are in Delhi, there are a few places that are a must-visit, and the tomb of Sikander Lodi is one of them. It is simple yet fascinates travelers with its unique Indo-Islamic architectural style.

The lush green flora around the Lodhi gardens mesmerizes the people with its unique symbolic look that you have unknowingly admired on several magazines or book covers. It holds historical significance and is renowned for the second ruler’s name from the Lodi dynasty, Sikander Lodi. Situated in the Kharipur village of South Delhi, it is amongst the best heritage sites to visit in Delhi.

Tomb of Sikandar Lodi Delhi is a memorial built by his son Ibrahim Lodi post after his demise in 1517 CE. If you take a glimpse at its dome’s architectural style, this replicates the vague impression of the double-story building!

Who is Sikandar Lodi?

Post-death of Buhlul Khan, his second son Sikander Lodi succeeded him on the part of a king. He received Sultan Sikander Shah’s title as a good ruler who put in all efforts for territory expansion. He also strengthened the empire and proved victorious on several occasions.

From Punjab to Bihar, his empire stretched royally, and he even entered into a treaty with Alauddin Hussain Shah, the famous Bengal ruler. Very few people are aware that he is Agra town’s generous founder in the year 1503. His acts of kindness are well-known in the historical era.

Sikandar Lodi Tomb History

If you are an avid history lover, this tomb is a must-visit place in Delhi. It witnesses the regal Mughal architecture that also has a good glimpse of Indian craftsmanship. The famous ruler Sikander Lodi had a reign from 1489-1517 CE. He was the next ruler from the Lodi dynasty after his father, Bahlul Lodi, in the year 1489 CE.

After Sikander Lodi died in 1517 CE, his second son Ibrahim Lodi built this spectacular tomb while remembering his great father. It almost took a year for completing the design of this octagonal tomb, and hundreds of skilled craftsmen worked day and night to complete it.

Most of the designs in the tomb have inspiration from Muhammad Shah.

You can witness his presence in other attractions near the place, such as the Lodi garden and spots like the Shish Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. Earlier, it was famous as the Old Lady Wellington park in 1936, where Britishers re-designed the nearby villages to the Lodi tomb and manicured a perfect garden. After the end of their rule, the place got back its real name as the tomb of Sikandar Lodi Delhi.

Tomb Architecture

Moving on to the architectural excellence of the tomb of Sikander Lodi, it has a unique dome design that gives the false sight of a double-story. The entire structure sits nicely on top of the rectangular veranda that uplifts with three arches at every side. And all these arches lead to a single chamber at the end. If you look at the toms, vibrant colored tiles embellish it and glorify the beauty of the place.

On all the walls, you can find sculptures and citation in foreign languages that looks amazing. The Mughal architectural designs that get engraved on the walls give a mesmerizing and appealing appearance on the whole.

It is a secured complex, and you can spot the gateway that faces in the south direction and is also the main entrance for the travelers to get it. Further, the place receives interestingly flanked with the help of umbrella-shaped domes that are well-constructed on the square platforms. It adds a creative symmetry to the fantabulous craftsmanship of the worker.

As per the archaeological survey, it is amongst the first garden-tomb from the Indian subcontinent. After knowing all about the Sikandar Lodi tomb architecture, let’s find other attractions near this place.

Places to see near Tomb of Sikandar Lodi

There are several places near the tomb that are worth a visit when you arrive at this place. Lodi Tomb is famous for its exemplary style and splendid architecture that is a perfect spot for tourists. The fascinating Mughal architecture and the Indo-Islamic design is a wonder in itself.

Other attractions near this place are:

Shisha Gumbad

It is a beautiful Gumbad situated inside the 90 acres of the Lodi garden area. The Shisha Gumbad is a well-adorned mirror wall tomb that looks eye-striking. It is a captivating Gumbad that has a marvelous sight of Mughal architecture.

Bara Gumbad

The next attraction to see in Lodi Garden is the Bara Gumbad. It is an excellent Gumbad located at 100m walking distance from the Lodi Tomb. After seeing this place, you can realize how intricate work and designs adorn the whole place majestically.

Mohammed Shah’s Tomb

Mohammed Shah was the main inspiration for creating the tomb of Sikandar Lodi. It was after his vision that the design and layout of the tomb came into existence. And that’s the reason why this place has a special significance for its presence. When you visit this tomb, Mohammed Shah’s tomb is a must-visit spot over here.

Lodi Garden

With loads of lush green landscapes and views, Lodi Garden is the tomb’s surrounding area where locals visit daily to rejuvenate themselves from the city chaos. It is a serene and natural place to spend a leisure evening to soothe yourself with admirable morning walks. People also enjoy activities like dance, music, yoga, picnic, or playout time with kids. This place is a perfect epitome of nature and heritage together. Even for the photoshoots or to click some random snaps, this place allures a lot of people!

How to Reach?

If you have already decided to visit Sikandar Lodi Delhi’s tomb, here are the options to arrive over there. The nearest metro station to this tomb is the Jor Bagh station. Once you get down here, there is a direct exit from gate no. 2, from where tourists only need to take a 5 min walk and reach their destination. It is an incredible tourist attraction that most people love to visit.

Sikandar Lodi Tomb Timings

Lodi tomb stays open for all days of the week, from 5 am to 8 pm. There is no entry fee applicable for the tourists coming here. Although you can visit here at any time of the year, the best visit is from November to March. It is winter, and the weather is moderately cool to refresh yourself by walking around this place.

Nearest Metro station

The Nearest Metro station of Sikandar Lodi Delhi’s tomb is Jor Bagh also know as Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station


Tomb of Sikandar Lodi is amongst the most pleasant spaces of Delhi that marvels Indian and Foreign visitors to visit here and have a sight for Indian flora. This area is a domed mausoleum that is actually against Islamic principles. The tomb concept belongs to Delhi’s Turkish sultans, who brought over this concept from Persia to India.

There is a Palladian temple look of this tomb which gives a spectacular view of the whole place. Visiting this incredible Mughal architecture can be an excellent experience for travelers and lovers of historic places!

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