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Rail Museum Delhi: Nearest Metro Station, Timings and Ticket Price

If you are looking for a place that serves knowledge as well as joy then nothing can match the National Rail Museum in Delhi. This place would make a deep connection with railways. It shows how small investment leads to the progress of India as a nation. This place will explore your 163 years old heritage of Indian Railways. Today the time has changed completely.

Nowadays air tickets are getting cheaper but we cannot forget the importance of railways. It’s a kind of network that is still growing and continues serving the nation. Cities are interconnected and several people travel on the daily basis.

The romance of Indian railways is everlasting; it has no compression at all. In Delhi, the rail museum is nearest to the metro station. The museum is a full package of rarest and unique 3D virtual reality experience, toy train riders, and many other things.

History About Rail Museum

It takes so much time to bring the idea into reality. Lots of hard work and practice made it happen to open a Transport Museum in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, on October 7, 1971. Initially thought of creating a rail museum came around 1962, and it takes nine-year to concrete. The foundation stone is laid down by our President Shri V.V Giri under the advice of Mr. Michael Graham Satow (a rail enthusiast).

The purpose of making this museum is to provide knowledge about railways, roadways, airways, and waterways of India. As the idea contains many points to be covered and it seems impossible. However, it was renamed the National Rail Museum. And full-fledged National Rail Museum Delhi was developed in 1995.

The infrastructure of the rail museum, Delhi is designed in an octagonal shape that contains six display galleries. It covers approximately 11 acres of land to imitate the appearance of real railways. The museum will take you to the early history of Indian railways. It shows how the railways developed which leads to great economic success.

Things to see at the National Rail Museum

Rail Museum in Delhi

There are many things to do see and explore the history and future of Indian railways

Museum Express:

By visiting Rail Museum Delhi, how can one ignore a ride on a train? It is a small set up with which both children and adults can have some exciting experience. also, they will understand the different aspects of Indian rail history.

This train is available every half an hour in which both adults and children can experience and see all the museum sitting inside the train, basically, this train meant for the museum ride only.

They have made the small setup of the station which gives the same feel like the real train ride. The guide will take you for a ride on this rail and you can pass by different railway stations. They have a ticket counter for it from where you can take the tickets and enjoy the ride.

Toy Train Ride

The Toy Train is a small size train not like the other such adult or big trains this is basically meant for the children ride purpose only. 4 to 10 age group of children are allowed to take a ride on this train. One can enjoy the small station and small tunnels while having the ride of it. After every half, an hour toy train runs in the museum for which you need to buy the ticket from the counter for your child.

This has some older and locomotive engine due to which the driver cannot run the train more than the 5 kilometer per hour of speed. You will surely love the sound of blowing the whistle, turning lights on and off, toot the horn. All these experiences enhance the beauty of the Rail Museum.

Miniature India

It displays a unique railway system. It provides a fascinating and exotic collection of real size trains. The miniature is basically a working model of the Indian railways. People love this beautiful attraction and this brings years and years of memories in the future for you. There are many static and working models, signaling types of equipment, antique furniture, historical photographs, and related literature. It is the most popular attraction among people.

Rail Garden

There are different types to train that were used in early times. Most of them are steam engine trains. As time changes, that train disappears from our eyes. But don’t worry; you can have a look at all that in the rail museum in New Delhi. In the Rail Garden, you will different working models of the goods train, passenger trains, ropeways, waterfalls, and the steam trains that have disappeared over time.

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The working models are presented on a scale of 1:22.5 and these are surely going to bring tons of memories for you in the future once you visit National Rail Museum Delhi. Riding is always a joy for the child or adults. You can watch trains move around the heritage structure like Madras Central, Guna, and Delhi Junction, Charbagh, etc.

Indoor Gallery

Visiting a museum would help your child to enjoy rides in trains of different eras. The indoor gallery displays various locomotives used at that time. The Gallery has a complete display of stories regarding Indian Railways that only a few people are aware of. The display is regarding the journey of Indian Railways from past to present and what is expected to be in the future.

These are preserved to spread knowledge. You will see a working model of tunneling machines, documents of historic value, and other things. It provides the remarkable stories of the Great Indian Railways. It is the best place to spend your afternoon after that you ride.

There are a total of six parts of the museum and an indoor gallery is a unique combination of historic collections and cutting edge communication. The whole museum is designed in such a way that it holds dynamic and imaginative programs that encourage the retention of rail knowledge.


After a quick rail ride, one must be feeling hungry. However, there is one small canteen where you can enjoy delicious North Indian, South Indian, Desserts, Chinese, Beverages inside the Cafeteria of the Museum. The main attraction point of this canteen is there is no waiter, they have made a small setup of a train which runs beside the tables to deliver your ordered food to your table. You can have felt like you are eating inside the train.

Vintage Car Rally

The major attraction of the Rail Museum Delhi is the display of vintage and classic cars. It displays the period and lifestyle. In this oldest car are displayed showing the royalty.


It is the power engine of the train. It provides the motive power to move. In the early period, the power was supplied employing steam; later, it was replaced by diesel and electricity. In this National Rail Museum Delhi, you will find different engines that serve from the last few centuries. Great care is needed to protect them. The museum displays all kinds of locomotives like steam, diesel, and electric.

The main purpose is to prevent the rail heritage of the country which provides knowledge to the newest generations. Upcoming generations get a chance to learn about the struggle that their ancestors made to make their life easy and fast.

Other Railway Rolling Stock

Rail Engine

It includes other material that is related to railway vehicles. For example railroad cars, coaches, private railroad cars, and wagons. Just like the engine helps to move a train from one place to another. It contains other materials that help to carry the goods and passengers with them.

Overall-purpose of the train is to serve people in different conditions whether it is personal or goods. In some trains, there are special facilities for self-propelled payload-carrying vehicles. And units that are operated electrically are known as electrical multiple units.


It includes practical construction as well as evaluating safety. The civil engineering infrastructure is the biggest static infrastructure that contains tracks, bridges, land, stations, building offices, and residential. The engineering department thinks about infrastructure development, technological leap in various fields, high-speed travel, and the development of stations. The museum shows a permanent way, bridge, tunnels, and ghat sections to give a detailed view. It displays a 3D model of various things.

Traffic Management

lots of people use the railway in India. For some that becomes their daily routine to travel to the office by train. Local railways have become a part of their life. Indian railways network provides tickets that are economic and affordable for citizens. A railway used to engage with bulk traffic and touches directly the lives of millions.

Indian railways are making efforts to improve safety measures and other services. The prime duty of traffic management is to properly manage the train operations and other commercial activities. They schedule the timing; inform passengers about the arrival of the train on platforms.

Other activities

in a complete year, many activities are performed in that museum. There is a summer camp for the students. They learn and understand in a very deep manner. They get a chance to explore themselves. Some many games and techniques are taught here.

How to reach the Rail museum Delhi?

And the nearest metro station to the rail museum is Sir Vishweshwariah Moti Bagh metro station that is located on the Pink Line of the Delhi Metro. There are booking charges to enjoy the party for 18.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs. Approximate 50,000 rupees is the booking amount. And for that security deposit is rupees twenty thousand. You have to make a booking for a family function for around 50 people.

  • By train: If traveling by train is love, then here is good news for those. The national rail museum is about two km away from the train station. Directly hire an auto-rickshaw and reach the museum with a little bit of effort.
  • By bus: some buses take you from Super Bazaar to National Rail Museum New Delhi within 45 minutes. Bus service is available every 20 minutes; do not worry about missing the bus.
  • By metro: The rail museum nearest metro station is Sir Vishweshwariah Moti Bagh metro station that is located on the Pink Line of the Delhi Metro.

Rail Museum Timing to visit

Rail museum timing depends on which day you are visiting. Commonly there is a holiday on Monday. Normal day’s Rail Museum Delhi timing is open 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. The best month to visit is from August to November as the weather is cool and pleasant.

Rail museum Delhi ticket price

Ticket prices are offered in various ranges. Rupees 50 are charged for adults where for a child this is rupees 10. In the government, holiday charges have to be paid double. That is rupees 100 for adults and rupees 20 for the child on Saturday and Sunday. Different charges are collected for different rides. There are different rides like Bheem Diesel Simulator, Steam Loco simulator, toy train rides, joy train rides, and many others.


The network of railways directly affects the lifestyle of people. It makes various changes to the thinking process of people and improves their lifestyle. Railroads hold an important place in Indian industries and travel. To know about the heritage of Indian railways, a visit to the museum is a great choice.

Places to visit near National Rail Museum:

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