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Hanuman Mandir CP Delhi: History, Timings and Things To Do

Delhi is a blissful city of mythological wonders and majestic monuments! While planning up your itinerary to Delhi, you must include the Prachin Hanuman mandir to the sightseeing spots. It has much historical significance and peculiarity, which makes it the right choice for travelers.

For those who wish to explore the magical mythology of Indian culture, this is a beautiful spot to visit. Hanuman Mandir CP is amongst the oldest Hanuman temple in India located at the Baba Kharak Singh Marg from Connaught Place, New Delhi. It stands amongst the top Hindu temple from the top five temples in the Mahabharata days.

Worshipped by Hindus who wish to gain courage and strength in their livelihood, Lord Hanuman is one of the most celebrated deities in Hindu Mythology. The character has shown his presence in both the epic (Ramayana and Mahabharata).


Hanuman Mandir CP Delhi

Hanuman Mandir Connaught Place is one of the oldest temples in New Delhi from the era of Mahabharata. Originally the temple was built by Maharaja Man Singh I of Amber (1540–1614) during Emperor Akbar’s (1542-1605) reign. In 1724 the temple was rebuilt by Maharaja Jai Singh (1688-1743).

The temple has a mythological connection from the period of Mahabharata. Pandavas built their city Indraprastha near the bank of the Yamuna River. In the game of dice, Pandavas lost their Kingdom, exiled for a 13-year term, and in the last year, no one should recognize them.

This Hanuman Mandir CP has a strong belief and profound historical importance that mesmerizes every single traveler visiting here. As per the Hindu belief, this temple got constructed after the Pandavas won the Kurukshetra war in front of Kauravs. Initially, the temple construction was completed by Maharaja Jai Singh. It was the era when even Jantar-Mantar was also undergoing multiple renewal process.

At this Prachin Hanuman mandir, you can also find the deity of Hanumanji that stands in a swayambhuhu or self-manifested position. Here, you can identify the standing idol of Bhagwan Hanuman who stands in Bala Hanuman’s posture, which was facing the South position. If you look at the idol, you can see he carries a Gadha in the left hand, and right-hand rests on the chest for the prayer. The average height of this temple stands at 108 feet (32.9 m).

Hanuman considered to be the brother of Bhima (both of them are god Vayu’s son), Bhima in search of a fragrant flower in the forest found Hanuman sleeping with his tail blocking his path. Arrogantly Bhima told hanuman to remove his tail.

Hanuman hid his identity and told Bhima to help him to move his tail. Bhima tried hard several times but failed. Bhima realized that the monkey was none other than his own brother Hanuman. Bhima apologized for his behavior.

The architecture of Prachin Hanuman mandir CP

From centuries, this prachin hanuman mandir Connaught place Delhi stands as a pride of Delhi! As you enter the temple entrance gate, you will notice the splendid Dwar that embellishes impressive artwork on it. Here, you can witness the skilled craftsmanship and excellent embossment on it.

The vibe of the entire temple speaks about the devotion and pure serenity that is mystic and magical. If you take a glimpse of the central mandap, you can find the paintings from epic Ramayana tales on the top of the roof. A glance at these paintings and take you to the depth of temple beauty and majesty.

Proceeding ahead, the preaching of Hanuman Mandir CP also consists of verses from Sundarkand by Swami Tulsidas Ramacharitha Manas. The mesmerizing verses of this holy book are deeply engraved into the substantial marble slabs. You can see the recent developments on the entire temple complex that are very well-maintained by the New Delhi Municipal Council with care and efficacy.

This temple beholds a unique position for the various religious activities held here. Inside the temple premises, you can also witness the ‘mehndi’ work done by professional artists on the ladies’ palm.

Festivals at Prachin Hanuman mandir Delhi

Apart from the significant Hanuman Jayanthi (that marks Lord Hanuman’s birthday), the temple is also famous for the grand fare held by her. On the full moon (Purnima) of Chaitra (March-April) month or the lunar Hindu Panchangam, a mega fair goes here.

There are festoons and colorful procession where devotees chant and groove wearing the Hanuman mask and tails. You can also find them carrying huge and splendid Hanuman idols in the streets.

The Hanuman Mandir CP Timing

Hanuman Mandir CP Timing

The hanuman mandir CP door open at 5 AM in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. For Tuesday and Saturday, the timing is 4 AM. Similarly, in the afternoon closing time for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are 3 pm. The temple remains open for the whole day on Tuesday and Saturday.

At night, the temple closes at 11 pm, and on Tuesday temple door closes at 12 pm. On Saturday the temple, remain open for the whole night. Hanuman mandir CP timings for Aarti start from 5.30 in the morning every day.

The best time for darshan is in the early morning or at late night (before 11 pm) to avoid long queues. There are long queues of devotees on Tuesdays while on the other days you can get the darshan quite peacefully Beggars and pickpockets keep harassing the worshipers. So take care of your belongings.

hanuman mandir cp timing

Daily Programme

Hanuman Mandir CP

One of the renounced characteristics of this temple, which recorded in the Guinness book of the world record, is the worship style. Non-stop chanting of the mantra “Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram”, since August 1, 1964.

There is a different type of Puja are perform in the temple such as 1000 thousands names of Hanumanji, offering flowers and Nicholas for getting wealth, family happiness, long life. 108 Hanuman Chalisa durations 40 days for blessings of Hanuman Ji and wealth, winning the court cases, the fulfillment of desires.

108 sankatmochan hanumanashtak path duration 40 days for support of nature, for negative vibrations. Ek Mukhi Hanuman kalach path 108 times durations 11 days for wealth and overall progress. Punch Mukhi Hanuman kalach path 108 times durations 11 days for enemies, illness, disease, full fulfillment of desires, and wealth for Lakshmi.

How to Reach?

This Hanuman temple Connaught place connected by road as well as Delhi Metro. Shivaji Stadium is the closest bus stand and has Airport Express Metro Line. Rajeev Chowk is the nearest metro station.

The temple is situated on the Baba Kharak Singh Road (old Irwin Road) about 250 m (820.2 ft) southwest of Connaught place in Central Delhi, on Bangla Sahib Gurudwara Road near PVR Rivoli which is the commercial hub of Delhi.

Things To Do in Hanuman Mandir

Shiv Temple

In recent years, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has added some more god and goddess idols in the Hanuman Mandir Delhi within the main complex. The religious character of the temple included-

  • Main Hanuman Temple – This is the main attraction of the Hanuman Temple and the hot spot of the entire place. People do gather here to offer their prayers.
  • Shiv Temple– Within the temple, there is shiva’s shrine. Shiva Linga is kept in a circular boundary. A huge pot is placed at the top of the linga’s head for a continuous flow of water.
  • Shiv Deepak Place– The Shiv Deepak place is another region close to the Shiva temple. Here all visitors gather together. The place looks wonderful when lit with Deepak.
  • Kalki Devi– The Kalki Devi temple is another place within this Hanuman Mandir. This is a wonderful place where you would get to visit and pray all lords.
  • Nandi Ji– There is a place for the earthen lamp as an Akhand Jyoti. Nandi is also placed near the Linga.
  • Laxmi Narayan– There are idols of Laxmi Narayan too.
  • Gayatri Mata– In the south the idol of goddess Santoshi Mata. After keeping the idol of Santoshi Mata in the temple there is an increment in the women devotee.
  • Panchmukhi Hanuman– Panchmukhi Hanuman can also be found here. some can be seen lighting candles and Deepak around the place.
  • Mata Durga– Mata Durga and their children Ganesh, Laxmi, Saraswati of the same size as the adjoining main sanctum.

Things To Do near Hanuman Temple Delhi


The entire complex of Connaught place Hanuman Mandir is well organized. Near the temple, there are many other things to do including puja.

  • Prasad -The shops selling prasad and pooja samagri for the devotees. Sindoor, flowers, sweets are the common items available in the shops.
  • Local shopping Market – In Connaught place there are many local markets such as Janpath Market and Shankar Market etc. In this area, the luxury store is also available.
  • Khadi Hatt– On the occasion of the 69th Republic Day Village Industries Commission and New Delhi Municipal Council launched the first ‘Khadi Haat’ in the country. The Khadi Haat was inaugurated by Union Minister of State Giriraj Singh. The purpose is to promote the khadi industry.
  • Tattoo and Mehndi shop – These shops are quite famous besides worshiping Hanumanji Mehndiwala and the tattoo artist is the second attraction in this area. Women adorned with freshly painted Mehandi in their hands. This quite a popular place for Mehandi, apart from Bajrangbali’s blessings. kachoris with aloo ki sabzi outside the Hanuman temple Delhi is demanded. Young girls and boys are more interested in making a tattoo. Tattoo Lucious, NA tattoo studio, and Samurai studio are popular in this area.

Hanuman Jayanti is one of the holy times to visit this temple. Hanuman Jayanti is the festival celebrated as the birthday of Hanumanji birthday. This held every year with great devotion to the full moon (Purnima) day in the month of Chaitra as per the established lunar Hindu Panchangam or Hindu calendar. Colorful processions of devotees wearing Hanuman masks and tails and carrying large idols of Hanuman fill the streets.

Millions of devotees of Hanumanji come to the temple to get his blessings throughout the year, because of deep faith, love, and devotion.

Final words

A visit to Hanuman mandir Cp is most suggestive on Tuesday or Saturday as those are the days to worship this majestic god. The aura of this Delhi temple can mesmerize you and even leave you speechless with its spectacular views. Simple yet phenomenal are the right words to describe the beauty and majesty of this temple!

Places to visit near Hanuman mandir CP

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