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Airforce Museum Palam Delhi – Timings, Address, and Things To Do

The Indian Airforce museum in Delhi is one of a kind museum dedicated to the glory of the Indian Air Force. Till 1998, it was the only museum dedicated to a part of the army of India. The museum, as explained above, is dedicated to helping the citizens of India in knowing the past glories of their Airforce as well as in educating them about the different things which constitute the Indian Air force such as their planes, radar equipment, pilot gear and most importantly, their history.

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The Airforce Museum Delhi is located in Palam Colony, New Delhi. For you to find it easily, its pin code is 110010. The Airforce museum Delhi address can be easily found out with us. For you to easily reach there, you can either go via road or you can take the Delhi metro and hog between Palam and Mahipalpur.

You will also be provided with parking space if you decide to go there with a private vehicle. Airforce Museum Delhi nearest metro station is a Sadar Bazaar Cantonment. It is a must visit place for all the army enthusiasts who are keen to know more about the Indian army and observe it closely.

  • Location: Palam, Delhi Cantonment. New Delhi-110 010

Metro Station:

Air Force Museum Delhi nearest metro station is: Sadar Bazaar Cantonment on the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro

air force museum delhi


The Delhi Airforce Museum timings are from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The museum is open on 5 days a week, and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. After 5 P.M. no one is allowed to enter the museum premises.

Fortunately for all those who want to visit the Museum, you will find that there is absolutely no entry charges which you have to pay.


You can visit the Delhi Airforce museum free of cost. If you are looking for other important details such as air force museum Delhi contact number, that you will find with us.

air force museum delhi details


Things to Do (See)

If you are a first time visitor to the air force museum Palam, chances are that you might not know what things you should do or what things you should see. So that your visit gives you the most output, you should do your research on this beforehand. There are a lot of different things which you can do in the Airforce museum.

Heroes of World War – 1

Heroes of World War - 1

The museum has recognized the efforts of our Indian Bravehearts who played a major role in World War 1 and fought for the British side in it. You can pay a visit to their memorial and know more about their contribution to the ‘Great War’.

Heroes of World War’2

Heroes of World War'2

There is another memorial in the museum which is dedicated to paying homage to our courageous soldiers in World War 2. It is a great place to enlighten yourself with some facts about the war and to know the contributions of Indians in it.

Martyrs of 1965

Martyrs of 1965

The Airforce has also commemorated the fall of our soldiers in the 1965 Indo-Pak war with a war memorial dedicated to the martyrs of the war. Tourists can visit the memorial to know in depth about the war while also paying their homage to the fallen heroes of India. Notably, India and Pakistan had a stalemate in the war.

Martyrs of 1971

Martyrs of 1971

The 1971 war was a golden feather in the history of modern India, where we orchestrated the world’s biggest surrender after World War 2 by defeating Pakistan who was wreaking havoc on the then East Pakistan, which is modern Bangladesh today. 90000 Pakistani troops surrendered to just 5000 Indian troops. The Airforce Museum in Delhi has made a great memorial for the heroes of that war. You can go there and know more about that war and its heroes who made the whole victory possible.



The museum is also home to a lot of guns which have been used by the army over the years. Military enthusiasts will have a lovely time visiting that place. Each gun has had a different use in different wars over the years, and you get to observe all of them.



Military uniforms have held a great value for military lovers. You will find uniforms from different regiments at the display from different times in the museum.

Planes-Training planes, Cargo Planes, and Fighter Planes

Figter Planes

Displayed in the Indian Airforce museum Palam are some of the world’s best and the most historical planes in the history of the Indian army. The hangar inside the museum houses all these gems of the military history of India. It has about 15 different planes in it, which range from training planes to cargo planes, to the actual fighter planes of the military over the years.

  • Westland 1929-First fighter plane to cross Atlantic

The planes range from the famous 1929 Westland to the indigenously assembled Gnat, which wreaked havoc on the Pakistan air force in the 1948 war.

  • Fighter Planes of World War 2

Airplanes such as Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Tempest, which were the most notable of planes in the World War 2 can also be found in the museum.

Training planes

  • Marut(HF-24)

Also on display is India’s first ever domestically developed plane, the Marut(HF-24). It might take up to 2 hours if you decide to read every bit of information about all the planes.

Ford Saloon Car

Ford Salun Car

The iconic Ford Saloon car can also be found on display in the museum premises. The car is quite valuable to the history of the military and is worth a lot of money if sold in the antique car market or the military market.

Pak Remnants of 1971 War

Pak Remnants of War 1971

Along with all these memorabilia, the people will also find on display various items of value, such as Pakistani Sabre planes and T-59 tanks, which India captured during their famous 1971 victory. These planes and tanks serve as a stark reminder of our military strength and how we defeated our nation’s enemies in times of war. A google search of Airforce museum Delhi images might return these in the results.

Air Force Officer’s List

Airforce Officers List

To take into notice the contribution of each and every brave fighter which gave away their life for their services to the nation, you will find an officer’s list wherein names of each and every martyred pilot written with utmost honors.

Souvenirs Shop

Souvenir Shop

Visitors can also choose to buy souvenirs from the souvenir shop inside the museum. There are a lot of different military related things which one can have for themselves from there.


All in all, as a military enthusiast, this museum is a must visit the place in Delhi. There is a lot of history attached to the Indian Airforce, which many Indians are not even aware of. The glory of Indian Airforce must be admired by everyone. It is a place which honors all our martyrs, and we must visit it to pay our respects to them.

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