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ISKCON Temple Delhi: Timing, Nearest Metro Station & Address

ISKCON Temple new Delhi was also known as the famous Vaishnav temple at New Delhi is dedicated to the presiding Lord Krishna and Radha and is also called Sri Radha Parthasarthi Mandir. You can find Iskcon temple Delhi location on top of the beautiful green Hare Krishna Hills towards the East of New Delhi’s Kailash area. In 1998 the temple was established. You can find Iskcon temple Delhi address on the web.

It is one of the most magnificent and beautiful temples of Vrindavan, The International Society built ISKCON temple for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). It is also popularly known as Raman-Reti and houses idols of Krishna and his brother Balaram, along with Radha.

The philosopher and founder of ISKCON, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s samadhi is in the ISKCON temple’s territory which is made by a white marble tomb that pays respect to his life and contributions.

All among the 40 temples which are made by the International Society ISKCON Temple Delhi is a magnificent shrine for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in India.

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The Iskcon temple which is initiated by Acharya Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is a society that belongs to Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult. Sri Radha-Parthasarathy is the original name of this temple. The temple is popular by the name of Iskcon Temple as it is made by the Iskcon.

ISKCON Temple Delhi


The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has given the name ISKCON. It is founded in 1966 in New York by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It is a spiritual institution and its core beliefs are based on 5,000-year-old Hindu scriptures, particularly the Bhagavad Gita.

The main aim of ISKCON temples was to spread the practice of Bhakti Yoga in which the devotees dedicate their actions towards Lord Krishna. It belongs to the Gaudiya-Vaishnavism sampradaya. Vaishnavism means worship of Vishnu in Sanskrit and Gauda mentioned to the Gauda region of West Bengal and from here the form of Vaishnavism originated.

The founder of ISKCON, Prabhupada wanted to construct the temples in all the major cities of India. Therefore, Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir (ISKCON Temple of Delhi) was also formed in the year 1995 under this organization to spread the knowledge of Vedic culture and develop a close relationship between people and Lord Krishna.


iskcon temple delhi architecture

The massive temple complex covers a vast area of Hare Krishna Hill. The three tall spires (shikhara) look awesome when they are brightly lit in the night. One has to take a flight of steps In order to reach the main shrine.

There are shops on one side and fountains on the other side that adds to the mysticism of this shrine on the way. Iskcon temple Delhi architecture is very beautiful and well planned.

Three shrines are located under the three spires in a huge hall which is the main shrine. These three shrines are dedicated to Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram, and Guara-Nitai respectively. The idols are adorned with great delicacy and care which are festooned with rich clothes and jewelry.

There are also paintings which are made by Russian painters, are also displayed depicting frolic scenes from the life-history of Radha-Krishna. There is an image of ‘Garuda‘ facing the shrine of Radha-Krishna which is located outside the shrine. Here, many people chant the ‘Mahamantra‘ of Hare Krishna society. Iskcon Temple has one of the largest temple complexes in India.

Iskcon Temple Delhi timing

The Iskcon Temple Delhi temple is open all days. You can visit the temple all seven days of the week between 4:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. But the main altar remains closed from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mangal Arti start from 4.30 am daily, then japa meditation and darshan arti finished at 7.15 pm.

Every day Usthapana arti starts from 4.15 pm then sandhya arti happens at 7 pm in the evening.

The temple hall closes at night 9 pm after sayana arti finished. So this is the Iskcon temple timing Delhi.

Reach Iskcon Temple Delhi

How to Reach Iskcon Temple Delhi?

The ISKCON Temple is situated on top of the Hare Krishna Hills in the East Kailash region. Metro is the best way is to travel and reach the temple. The Nehru Place Station and Kailash Colony Station are the nearest metro stations of the temple which are just a 5-minute walk away from the temple. But Iskcon temple Delhi nearest metro station is the Nehru place station.

The ISKCON temple located in the Capital city of India, New Delhi is easily accessible by several modes of transport. The Delhi airport is around 17 km away from the temple where the railway station is 13 km away. Taxi, auto rickshaw and public buses are available every time and everywhere in the city.

Iskcon temple Delhi Location Address: Iskcon Temple Rd, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065

Iskcon temple Delhi Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Place Station and Kailash Colony Metro Station

Things to Do at ISKCON Temple Delhi:

  • Vedic Museum and Robot Show

Vedic Museum and Robot Show

By the remarkable paintings and outstanding objects, a beautiful museum attracts the people which are situated inside the complex. In an easy and interactive manner, the museum represents Indian history. The great Indian epics like ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayana’ are explained and shown in a simple style.

A Robot show happens there is worth-watching as the electronic power is merged perfectly with the religious thoughts and pictures. You can feel the power of meditation is proved with the facts of science.

Light and sound effects are truly amazing for children. You can find the tickets for this show at the counter that is located near the entrance of the temple. Here you will learn Updesh of Bhagwat Gita.

  • Govinda’s – Vegetarian Restaurant

iskcon temple delhi restaurant

You can find many eatables of vegetarian nature in the food shop. Besides this food shop, “Govinda” ISKCON temple Delhi restaurant is a full-fledged vegetarian item also makes the part of this temple. Govinda’s is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

They serve hearty vegetarian meals prepared with love and devotion, which is first offered to Lord Krishna. To promote a healthy and vegetarian diet among people is the main aim of this restaurant. Over 18 kinds of vegetarian items are prepared for lunch and dinner.

  • Auditorium (Shops)


Downstairs, there are many gift shops that offer many religious objects to serve as a memory of this trip. ISKON temple Auditorium is one of the main attractions of ISKON temple Delhi. You can find Bhagwat Gita is demonstrated there in 4D. However, this is at under construction and looking fwd it to be more attractive into the future.

  • Harinam Sankirtan

Photo by Official Facebook

The shrine is decked wonderfully with flowers during the months of Sawan and Kartik. The divine atmosphere of the temple is enhanced by the spiritual discourses and chants.

The devotees’ march on the streets by chanting and dancing the maha-mantra Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare accompanied by mridangas and karatalas.

  • Life Patron

Harinam Sankirtan
Photo by Tripadvisor

To become part of ISKCON’s family. The Life Patron program is introduced by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami in early ’70s. He invited people across the world to reside in the temple for a few days and organized some spiritual programs. The members of the life patron also encouraged and helped in temple programs.

  • Krishna Art Gallery

Krishna Art Gallery
Photo by Tripadvisor

In ISKCON temple Delhi you can find an art gallery of Lord Krishna with Radharani which consists of very beautiful and mesmerizing pictures.

  • Krishna Garden

Krishna Garden

Just left from the main entrance of the temple, you can find a wonderful garden full of a variety of flowers. From this garden, you can have a good view of the temple.

  • Garuda Deva Parikrama

Garuda deva

Garuda deva is glorified in the Puranas as very special for making spiritual advancement. In Kartika month the Lord performed his very enchanting Damodar Lila. Lots of devotees come to the temple for the parikrama of Lord Garuda deva. It’s a very religious and amazing sight to see with is followed by the chanting of mantras and karatalas.

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The Festivals are Celebrated at Iskcon Temple:

  • Ramanavami

Photo by Official Facebook

The Ramanavami celebration observes for the birth of Lord Rama every year in the Vaisnava calendar, and it is one of the most auspicious days in the whole year. Lord Rama is one of the forms of the Supreme Lord who was born on this earth several millennia ago.

At ISKCON Delhi, on the day Ramanavami people make special decorations, the drama is made by the Vaikuntha players, holy discussion of Lord Rama’s pastimes and a harinama kirtan procession in the surrounding areas.

Lord Rama demonstrated high moral values and acted as the perfect son, student, brother, husband, and King on his days on earth. His extraordinary adventure is written in the famous epic The Ramayana.

  • Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Photo by Official Facebook

Being the birthday of Lord Krishna, Iskcon temple Delhi Janmashtami is the major festival observed by this temple. On the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Shravan, it is celebrated. Krishna was born in Mathura as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

ISKCON Delhi is famous for the celebration of the largest Janmashtami ceremony of its kind for the last 20 years. The festivities go for 12 days beginning with a Srimad Bhagavat Katha for a week, and then Shoba yatra (procession outside the temple).

Preparations start before months in advance to herald the appearance of Lord Krishna. Hundreds of devotees work tirelessly for Janmashtami to make sure that the thousands of devotees and visitors will not face any problem and can comfortably do the darshan of Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathy and at midnight the appearance of the Lord is celebrated.

  • Radhastami

Photo by Official Facebook

Radhastami is celebrated on the birthday of Srimati Radharani’s. Radha is the consort of Krishna. A fortnight after Krishna’s appearance she appeared to Vrishabhanu Maharaj in the village of Rawal.

Radharani is famous as a devotee and she is the best devotee of Krishna. Krishna loves her the most. On her festival day, all the devotees seek Krishna’s grace will especially ask her to grant them devotion to her beloved Lord.

On Radhastami, Sri Radha Krishna goddesses are traditionally dressed entirely in flowers. Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi is offered a new outfit in the morning and adorns a flower outfit in the evening. An abhishek to Their Lordships are performed at noon.

  • The Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra
Photo by Official Facebook

On this day Lord Jagannath along with His sister Subhadra and elder brother Baladeva paraded through the streets of the city. This practice and festival is famous all over the world and also called a cart festival.

All the devotees pull the carts on this day. They believe that this an attempt to bring the Krishna, Balaram, and Subhadra back to Vrindavan, the holy dharma near Mathura. A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada initiated the first Rath yatra on July 9, 1967, in San Francisco.

  • Nauka Vihar (Boat Festival)

Nauka Vihar in ISKCON
Photo by Krishnabhumi

In the summer’s months every year, the devotees celebrate the boat festival of Their Lordships at ISKCON Delhi. According to mythology, this festival is observed in the pastimes of Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani. Because they along with their friends would enjoy boat rides on the river Yamuna in the summers.

The Kailya Krishna pond with a stunning flower bed is decorated by Devotees in the temple which looks as if the entire pond is made up of flowers. Then their Lordships are come down to the pond accompanied by sankirtan. After that, they are then taken around the pond on a boat while thousands of devotees shower flowers and chant.

  • Gaura Purnima

Photo by Official Facebook

Gaura Purnima is celebrated for the appearance anniversary of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1534) who is believed to be the combination of Radha and Krishna. Everyone fasts till moonrise on this day and people visit the temple to see the Deities of the Lord in the temple room.

Dramas and classes about Lord Chaitanya’s activities are presented by the devotees. The Deities of Gaura-Nitai wear new clothes and engage in extra kirtan. A Prasad feast is served at moonrise.


ISKCON temple Delhi is a very holy and peaceful place and one of the best Hindu temples in India. Everybody should visit there at least once and get the experience of that place.

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