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Hampta Pass Trek Expert Advice for First time trekkers

A trekkers paradise Hampta pass trek is in Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 14,010 feet it is a moderate level of difficulty and is an excellent option for amateurs. It is a crossover trek which means one starts from Kullu which has a topography of green meadows and forests and on the other desert Lahaul valley which has barren landscapes.

History and Mythology

Hampta got it names from Hampta Maharishi, who was a hermit who use to meditate here.  And according to mythology Pandavs took this way for their pursuit to heaven.

The Fascinating Journey of Hampta Pass Trek

The distance of Hampta Pass trek is around 25 kms.

Day One

  • First day of trek starts with drive of 45 minute drive from to Sethan village.It is at an elevation of 8860. Sethan is a blissful experience.It is a buddhist town with inhabitants from Spiti and Tibet valley.The trek will start from Jobra which is at 9500 feet elevation.
  • The trek from Sethan to Chika takes four hours and 8 km. At an altitude of 10800 feet you will encounter small waterfall.
  • Chika’s scenic view of Kullu, full of pine trees and forests is a beautiful one. One walks along with Rani River and you see the panoramic view of rocky hills and forests of birch trees.
  • There is an overnight stay in Chika, the camping site where you will see a beautiful sunset and will be ecstatic by the moon and star formations. One can see gurgling rivers, rhododendrons and grasslands.

Day Two

  • After having a sumptuous breakfast the trek to Balu Ka Ghera camp site starts. A long trek of 13 km one has to climb 11800 feet.As you ascend you will see Hanuman Tibba peak at your back side. The cold waters here and the boulder section in Balu ka Ghera make it a little uncomfortable to ascend.
  • Composed of sand it is a flat terrain with rocky cliffs and small waterfalls. The name of this camp comes from the fact that is a flat plane of sand .
  • You will experience small waterfalls and Hampta naala. The trees disappearing will make you realise that that you have reached a good altitude.You will see cattle on the grassland and wild flowers. After almost 4.5 hours you will come to Balu ka Ghera

Day Three

  • Start your day for Sheagoru with a breathtaking view of the indrasan peak. This incline of Hampta Pass Trek is a little difficult one. At 14100 now one would reach hampta pass crossing,boulders. It is going to be the ascent to Hampta pass and then a challenging descent to Shea Ghoru. One needs to be hydrated as this ascent is a sharp one. Once here one needs to take careful steps because if one falls it spoils the adventure.
  • There are ridges on the way which when crossed brings us to Hampta pass. Take a break and relax for some time here. One can see here Kullu on the right and Spiti Valley on the left.
  • The descent which is 85 degrees steep is more challenging task. It is a coldest campsite so keep your woollens ready. It is a 7 hour long trek. In Shea Goru campsite you will see you that you are camping on a desert but are amidst slow clad mountains .

Day Four

  • The day four is the descent from 11,000 feet from Shea Goru to Chhatru. From Shea Goru to Chhatru, the trek that is a challenging one  but also a thankful one. Decend of 3000 feet makes you experience diverse sights. One will cross the alpine and glaciers. It is advisable to cross it in early hours of the day when water level is low.

Day Five

  • Drive from Chhatru to Chandra Taal Lake and Prini. Chandra Taal Lake is one of the great highlights of Hampta Pass Trek. After spending time in base camp chattru you will take a drive towards Chandra Taal Lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh. It is a crescent shaped and hence is called Chandra Taal. It is a glaciel lake and an one is mesmerised by the blue water of the lake, green grass and white Chandra Baga mountain range. From Chandra Taal you have to board the bus the bus to Prini which is the base camp.

Day 6: From Prini to Manali

After having a good breakfast then we move from Prini to our journey to manali.

Trek Details

  1. Best Time To Visit: June to October.
  2. Things To Do: Trekking, Photography, Camping.
  3. Known For: Crossover Trek, Secenic camps, mountain villages.
  4. Camping: Available.
  5. Trek Duration: 6 days.
  6. Budget: INR 8000 per person for a trek package.
  7. Distances: From nearest airport (Kullu Manali): 52 kms, From nearest railway station. (Joginder Nagar): 166 kms
  8. Trek Difficulty: Moderate.
  9. Open Hours: 24 hours.
  10. Traveller Types: Travel Enthusiats, Nature Lovers, Photograghers.
  11. Trek Distance: Approximately 26 kms.

Hampta Pass Trek is one of the best crossover treks for beginners as it provides different terrain for trekkers to travel.It is a dream trek for diverse landscapes and is of moderate difficulty making it a must for beginners in trekking.It is just not a trek but a journey of resilience and connection with nature.It not only promises beauty but a sense of accomplishment.

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