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Top 5 Luxury Desert Safari Camps to Stay in Dubai in 2024

Dubai is known for luxury shopping, adventure parks, amazing nightlife and wonderful beaches. Since Dubai lies within the Arabian Desert, Dubai desert safari is an adventure not to be missed by the tourists. There are various kinds of desert safari which makes you experience dune bashing, desert skiing, Quad biking, air balloon ride, desert sunrise and start gazing. Let’s dive into the different types of desert safari which talks about top 5 Luxury Desert Safari Camps to Stay in Dubai in 2024.

1.Red Dunes ATV, Camels, Stargazing & BBQ Al Khayma Camp by OceanAir Travels

On the way to arrival of desert you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a great time to experience the Bedouin culture. One can indulge into camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, photography and dune bashing. Relax in the campsite and dress up in Arabian desert or try tattoos.

The cost is around 320 AED depending on shared or private packages. The morning safari usually lasts six hours.

2. Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Quad Bike & Camel Ride from Dubai By Desert Fun Tourism LLC

It is one amongst the Top 5 Luxury Desert Safari Camps to Stay in Dubai in 2024.It is a wonderful safari in Dubai where you get to watch the sunset. It will be worth every money spent. You arrive at the destination and watch the beautiful sunset. After dune bashing reach the campsite and indulge in activities like sandboarding, camel ride and get henna design on hand and feet.

Then enjoy the Tanura show and fire show by starlight. The safari also the opportunity to savour BBQ dinner and enjoy the belly dance. Enjoy the quad bike and take photos by wearing additional costumes. The cost of the desert safari is around 330 AED. The evening safari lasts about 7 hours and price is 330 AED.

3. Dubai Heritage Land Rover Desert Safari with Traditional Dinner By Platinum Heritage

Go back to times in 1950 era and do the desert safari by vintage car Land Rover. With the setting of the Arabian sun and the sand dunes witness the beautiful nature. Stop at the Ghaf free forest to take some mind boggling photos. Witness the falcon show by the professionals. As you arrive the Bedouin camp enjoy the Arabian coffee, camel rides, henna tattoo and bread making. The duration is 7 hrs and cost is 720 AED.

4. Dubai Overnight Desert Safari, BBQ & Stargazing at Al Khayma Camp By OceanAir Travels

Nights have a completely different beautiful view. The deserts, beaches, mountains all have a spectacular view. Enjoy under the sky the huge desert surroundings. The safari will start with sand dune bashing and then a wholesome meal. Enjoy the Tanoura dance and belly dance.

Have a mouth-watering dinner and enjoy the Emirati music. You can hire an astrological guide and enjoy the beautiful view of stars. You can also sit near bonfires and watch the fire shows. The next day enjoy your breakfast while viewing a beautiful sunrise. The beauty of this safari is you can watch both sunset and sunrise. The duration of safari is 18 hours and cost between 700.

5. Dubai Desert Safari, Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Sandboarding & BBQ By Dubai Desert Ride

This safari will engulf you to the Bedouin inspired camp and immerse in the fun activities. As you travel to the Lahbab desert enjoy the camel rides and savour sumptuous dinner. Enjoy safari by dune bashing, doing camel ride and BBQ dinner. Explore Arabic costume and absolve in photography. Enjoy refreshments such as Arabian coffee and Qahwa. The duration is 6 hours and price is 190 AED.

List of Activities of Dubai Safari

The are several activities that can be done in the Dubai safaris. So before booking the packages one should ensure that package gives a plethora of option of activities to the tourist. Below are the activities once can enjoy in desert safaris


Dubai’s topography makes sandboarding a fun experience. It is similar to skateboarding where you stand on golden sand dunes while you rise across dunes. It is a desert sport not requiring any skill or expertise. The Egyptians practiced year ago using wooden plank to transfer heavy cargo across the desert.

Quad Biking

Also known as ATV riding, feel the adrenaline as you bike on the mesmerising deserts. Dubai offers a wide range of quad biking according to beginners and experts. March through the rugged terrain of Dubai and see the panoramic views. Go on an adventure to Hatta Mountains which is unique experience.

Camel Rides

The camel riding experience is a must do activity in Dubai. Camels were used in Dubai for transportation and trade. But now it is a full-fledged magical experiencing the ride on came. As you do the ride you can see the scenic beauty and sand dunes. Camel ride gives you journey into Emirati culture and heritage.

Dune Bashing

In the top 5 Luxury Desert Safari Camps to Stay in Dubai in 2024, Dune bashing is a thrilling adventure.It shows how man coexists with machine. It involves the driver using 4×4 vehicle and meandering through the sand dunes. You will get jerks as the skilled drivers shows and takes you through the various sand dunes. It is perfect way to experience a change from the city life.


While the day is filled with a lot of activities, the night is full of entertainment. Sitting nearby to the bon fire enjoy a wide range of activities like fire show, dances and Emirati music. The desert safari is a worthwhile experience as you get to experience activities like belly dancing and BBQ dinner.


On one side you have luxury shopping malls, tall buildings, beaches. The desert offers a fantastic view of constellations of stars. If you want to reconnect with nature it is awe-inspiring. The Arabian deserts are famous for star gazing experiences. One can hire a professional guide who can guide you with stars and planets. You guide can share cultural stories of Dubai.

Air Balloon Ride

As you embark on this fantastic journey the expert guide will guide you with pros and cons. The hot balloon being prepared for the flight is just majestical. The pilots just don’t ride the balloons but give you insights on the history of Dubai.

As you ascend upwards you will get to experience the tall buildings and also the sand dunes of Dubai. You will experience the sunset which is a spectacle in itself. The falcons soar with the balloons and is a beautiful experience. Do not miss to capture the beauty while riding in the air balloon.


Top 5 Luxury Desert Safari Camps to Stay in Dubai in 2024 gives the best desert safari in Dubai experience. So, where your adventure hat and embark on a journey to the Arabian Desert which is at the cusp of nature, beauty and adventure. From adrenaline rush activities like balloon ride, camel

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