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Unforgettable Oasis Palm Tourism’s Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise

Dubai is a beautiful, luxurious, and breath-taking city. This city is capable of giving you the most adventurous and joyful experience. Popular worldwide for desert safaris and dhow cruises, the city has become the first choice for adventure seekers. Nowhere else can you get the thrill of a desert safari on a camel and a dhow cruise down under a starry sky? What could be a greater adventure than a safari in the ancient and majestic deserts of Dubai?

You can do many kinds of adventures in Dubai for an unforgettable experience. Here you will get many options. If you also want to do many adventures by planning a trip to Dubai, and you want proper guidelines and service, then Oasis Palm Tourism will help you.

Oasis Palm Tourism is an ISO-certified popular tourism company in Dubai, guiding new arrivals and locals to Dubai. You can have a very comfortable Dubai city tour with them. You can enjoy exciting experiences and short trips around. Oasis Palm Tourism’s company offers desert safaris and dhow cruises. Learn more about Unforgettable Adventures in Dubai: Oasis Palm Tourism’s Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise as follows –

The popular desert safari and dhow cruise in Dubai

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Desert Safari in Dubai

What did you do if you didn’t go on a desert safari when you went to Dubai? Your trip will not be complete without experiencing this trip. If you are eager to enjoy thrill and outdoor adventure and want to make your simple trip enjoyable, then Oasis Palm Tourism is perfect for you.

This tourism begins with a breath-taking sunrise view of the sun rising from the horizon. Giving you an exciting experience like a roller coaster, the skilled drivers here take you to a world of joy, showing you the golden waves of the sand. A vehicle safari on a high altitude cloud makes the heart beat faster and the joy rises. In the hot and cold air of the desert, the traditional dances of the animals delight the mind.

Enjoy the desert landscape. Far away from the city, the peace, beauty, and lifestyle there is very captivating. Here you can do a desert safari along with sandboarding. These unforgettable experiences are enough to make you fall in love with Dubai. Eating and drinking while enjoying the safari makes the journey even better.

Oasis Palm Tourism offers you an Arabian feast under the moonlit night under the beautiful moonlit sky. You can enjoy dancing and music along with dinner. People are very interested in seeing henna paintings in Dubai and cultural events there.

Your desert safari with Oasis Palm Tourism will be very enjoyable and unique. This company is good at welcoming passengers and providing them with the best service.


Dhow cruise in Dubai

The tradition of dhow cruises in Dubai has been intertwined with the sea for centuries. Arabs here used dhows for pearl hunting. Although pearl hunting has ceased today, these dhow boats are still used for various purposes. The highest and most luxurious dhow cruises have become the charm and attraction of Dubai Marina.

If there is anything popular after a desert safari in Dubai, it is the dhow cruise dinner offered by the Dubai Marina Canal. With Oasis Palm tourism, you can enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner while enjoying the cityscape at a premium location. Dhow Cruise near Dubai Bay is great for your entertainment and spending time in beautiful places. Here you will be provided with the utmost luxury and modern comforts.

You can board this dhow cruise from 8 pm onwards. Once there you are welcomed with a delicious drink. You will get the facility of tea, coffee, and other cold drinks here. Dhow cruises or ships have good food facilities. There you can enjoy local and international food. Which are made in a very clean and pure manner. Enjoy dinner with Oasis Palm Tourism’s.

When you go to Dubai, you are curious to see and know the history and modernity of Dubai. You can take a ride on Dubai’s traditional boats and dhows as you cruise the calm waters of Dubai Creek and witness the modernization of Dubai. You will easily pass the time looking at the big skyscrapers, the wind tower houses on the bay, and the architectural art of Dubai.

Learn more and get indulge in an unforgettable dhow experience.


What else can you do to enjoy an unforgettable experience and adventure in Dubai?


City Tour of Dubai

As you know Dubai is a very small place compared to other places. But there are many things to see and adventure here. Every year you will see some amazing innovation here. Many places in Dubai are tourist attractions. If you have a question about where those places are and how you can enjoy those places, you can take the help of Oasis Palm Tourism.

When going on any trip with the right guide, we can complete a happy journey without any inconvenience. Oasis Palm Tourism offers you a convenient Dubai City Tour. On this tour, you can see the important old and new sites of Dubai, its historical places, and modern places. Your tour guide will take you around the city from your hotel and provide information. In Oasis palm tourism you can choose your favorite destinations. You will also have the option of a sharing tour. All kinds of facilities will be provided to you from food.


Mainly visited places in Oasis Palm tourism’s city tour in Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Palm Island
  • Dubai Museum
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Dubai Mall



We have given information about the desert safari and Dhow cruise dinner and city tour in Dubai offered by Oasis Palm Tourism in the article Unforgettable Adventures in Dubai: Oasis Palm Tourism’s Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise. This information will help you in your journey to this luxury and modern Dubai. We have tried our best to make your trip to Dubai pleasant with this information. You can share unforgettable adventures in Dubai with us.

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