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Indraprastha Park: Ticket Price, Nearest Metro & Address Info

Delhi highlights how humans may atone for their damage to the natural world and create beautiful areas where there were once scars.

Have you ever heard of a park being created out of a former dump? If you’re interested in seeing a former trash site transformed into a beautiful park, then you should check out Millennium indraprastha park. Located in the vicinity of Sarai Kale Khan and Nizamuddin Railway Station, its dimensions are 3 km in length and 3.4 ha in width. It is conveniently located near the Indraprastha Metro Station and is easily reached by road. This park is located between the Outer Ring Road and the running train tracks.

The indraprastha park location is close to the Sarai Kale Khan ISET, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) constructed a park in 2004 designed as a weekend picnic area for families with activities for children called Kale Khan Park. The first thing you’ll notice as you walk in through the Nizamuddin gate is the beautiful, verdant grass that covers the entire area. Everywhere you look in this park, you’ll see tiny hills topped with perfectly pruned trees. Young love blossoms everywhere; there are places like that.

The centrepiece of this vast green space is the majestic white Shanti Stupa, which features a golden Buddha statue at its very top. The pagoda-like edifice is a shrine to nonviolence and is encircled by a beautifully planted Japanese garden. You may experience the sites of Delhi and Agra on a bus or automobile tour that leaves Millennium indraprastha park delhi.

History and significance of Indraprastha Park

The legendary city of Indraprastha is described in the Indian epic Mahabharata, hence the park’s name. The city was supposedly founded by the Pandavas, the heroes of the Mahabharata. The landfill was used for the entirety of the park’s construction.

The park has drawn all ages since its 2004 inauguration. Located close to the Yamuna River, it encompasses a sizeable 85 acres. The park was planned to look like a small forest. Therefore, it is home to many different species of trees and plants that the animals can freely roam around.

The Design and Features of Indraprastha Park

millennium indraprastha park

The entire length of this park, which covers 85 acres, is 2.7 kilometres. Therefore, this park ranks first in terms of length. During the evenings and on holidays, this park is swarmed by retirees and young couples who come to enjoy the park’s dense tree growth and lush lawns, which resemble a green carpet. There are 13 swings and slides for the youngsters to enjoy, making this park a big attraction for families. DDA saw that many people were spending time in the park. Therefore, it built about five hotels there, all of which offer convenience foods. No food preparation may take place on the grounds.

Trimmed to perfection, the bushes and plants in millennium indraprastha park are a major source of the park’s aesthetic appeal. In particular, the bushes are shaped and manicured to create beautiful patterns and shapes around the expansive lawns. Many people are working hard to add new playground equipment to the park so that families will want to bring their children there. The water systems here are top-notch. The lights atop the fountains are bright and safe, and their design ensures that they won’t harm any of the neighbouring vegetation. Visitors flock to see the lit fountains after dark. With its abundance of seating options—including seats, benches, thatched houses, stools, etc.—the park is a popular resting spot for early risers on their way to work or school.

The park’s traditional Peace stupa was dedicated on November 14 2007, by the Dalai Lama, the Lt. Governor of Delhi, and the Nipponzan Myohoji’s monks and nuns. Topiary Garden, Bougainvillaea Garden, Smriti Van, Fragrant Garden, and Foliage Garden are some of the park’s many sub-sections.


Millennium indraprastha park new delhi offers a wide variety of amenities for its visitors. The park’s large amphitheatre serves as the site for many of the cultural events put on by the Sahitya Kala Parishad. Water fountains and restrooms that need payment can be located inside the park’s immediate vicinity. There are four main entrances to the park, and it’s worth noting that there’s enough for about 25 cars right in front of each one. The parking arrangements will soon be more like those of large shopping centres, with plans in the works to add more parking spots for minimal parking fees.

Trip to Indraprastha Park with Family

The centrepiece of this vast green space is the majestic white Shanti Stupa, which features a golden Buddha statue at its very top. The pagoda-like edifice is a shrine to nonviolence and is encircled by a beautifully planted Japanese garden. You may experience the sites of Delhi and Agra by taking a bus or auto trip that departs from Millennium Indraprastha Park.

There are lovely picnic area with playground equipment, a theatre, and a food court. You can also bring your food, and the well-lit plaza with its bubbling fountains will make for a lively evening. Smriti Van, Fragrance Garden, Bougainvillaea Garden, Topiary Garden, and Foliage Garden are the five distinct areas that make up the garden. All your problems will melt away in the soothing aroma of the flowers.

Indraprastha Park – The Most Romantic Spot in Delhi for Couples

Millennium indraprastha park is one of the best spots in Delhi for couples to spend time together. It’s a great recreational area that’s close to the Outer Ring Road and Sarai Kale Khan. You can have a wonderful time with your loved ones at New Delhi’s Indraprastha Park. The Delhi Development Authority launched the initiative that led to its founding in 2004. It’s a big park that was built to advertise a fun spot for people in and around Delhi. Couples flock there on the weekend, making it a popular destination.

The lawn of millennium indraprastha park is quite spacious. The Delhi Development Authority has done a good job of keeping this grass tidy. The abundance of trees and other vegetation in the park complements this grass quite well. Over 2,000 trees dot the landscape here. The DDA has plans to plant around 5,000 trees of various species in and around the park. These will sprout from young trees, and a sizable swimming pool will be incorporated. Several fountains and nighttime illumination guide you around this pool. The pool at Millennium Indraprastha Park is thoughtfully designed not to flood any areas or damage any vegetation. The park has several restaurants. The DDA has arranged for five different eateries to open up shops within the park.

You can find them all in one convenient food court. In addition to a World Peace Stupa, this famous spot is known for its wide variety of delicious cuisine options. The building’s dome is particularly impressive. This section of Millennium Indraprastha Park is interesting since it was constructed on ground that was formerly used as a landfill. Get drenched in the spirit of adventure as you discover the many attractions Indraprastha Park in New Delhi offers.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa, the Main Attraction

indraprastha park delhi

The Holy Dalai Lama presided over the opening ceremony for the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, a monument to universal peace, on November 14, 2007. The Stupa also features sacred artefacts and relics provided by the Dalai Lama. It was a joint effort between the Shanti Stupa Society and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) that resulted in the construction of the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, popularly known as the World Peace Pagoda. The Stupa stands over 30 feet tall and is topped by a white dome and a golden spire covered in Buddhist teachings and phrases.

Buddha statues accentuate the serene environment at the temple. The Stupa is a Buddhist shrine with a diameter of 37 metres that represents an ancient practice in which objects said to be Buddha’s relics are enshrined within the building. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa represents the latest iteration of a tradition that goes back over two thousand years.

Visit millennium indraprastha park for peace and to get up close and personal with several Buddhist stupas.

How can I get to Indraprastha Park?

Because of its central location, indraprastha park may be reached by a wide variety of public transportation options. Here are some ways to get to the park:

By Metro

The indraprastha park nearest metro is the Pink Line’s Sarai Kale Khan Hazrat Nizamuddin. You can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to the park from there.

By bus

Several bus lines run by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) connect Indraprastha Park to the rest of the city. You can find the most convenient indraprastha park bus route by using the DTC’s website or mobile app.

By car/ taxi

Taxis and auto-rickshaws are only two of the many transportation options for getting to indraprastha park delhi. If you prefer to drive, you can use navigation software like Google Maps to find your way to the park. There is plenty of visitor parking available once you get there.

Indraprastha Park Timing & Fee

You can visit indraprastha park delhi.every day of the week between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:15 PM and there is no ticket price to visit this indraprastha park. You should always double-check the park’s official website or phone the park’s information centre to confirm the hours before you plan your visit, as they are subject to vary based on the season and weather conditions.

It is best to visit the park in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are often lower and there are fewer visitors so that you can take in its splendour in peace. If you’d like to avoid the crowds that form on weekends and holidays, visiting the park during the week may be your best bet.

Cultural events and exhibitions are held in the park throughout the year, and their hours may vary from those of the park itself.

Since the park has few restaurants, visitors should bring water and food supplies. It is recommended that guests dress comfortably and use shoes that are good for walking.

Places to Visit near Indraprastha Park

Akshardham Temple

Anyone visiting millennium indraprastha park should make a stop at this temple. This temple beautifully depicts India’s 10,000-year tradition. The expansive grounds and impressive architecture of the temple beg to be explored. This is the height of style. The Swami Narayan temple in Akshardham successfully transports visitors through India’s fascinating cultural history.

Purana Quila

purana qila

The city of Indraprastha is the oldest in all of Delhi. The ancient fort of Purana Quila towers over a sea of trees. The Millennium Indraprastha Park is conveniently next to this fort. The fort’s rectangular layout spans more than two kilometres.

At Purana Quila, you’ll find three enormous gates guarded by bastions on both sides. The Fort’s eastern side is connected to the Yamuna River by a historic moat. The Forbidden Gate is a northern entrance that harmoniously combines Islamic and Hindu design elements. Talaqui Darwaza was the name of this archway back in the day. Humayun Darwaza is the name for both the northern and southern entrances to the city.

Humayun, the great Mughal Emperor, built the stone walls and the historic gates. Dinpanah served as the state capital back then. Sher Shah Suri took up the construction of Purana Quila when Humayun’s reign ended. Spectacular laser light and sound performances are performed here annually.

National Zoological Park

There are a total of 176 acres dedicated to the National Zoological Park. Its proximity to Purana Quila makes it a popular tourist destination. The park has around 1300 animal species. About 130 of these are avian and mammalian species from all across the globe. Zoo visitors can ride one of the park’s mobile vans to see the abundant wildlife. Inside the zoo, some visitors pass by. Visitors are allowed to bring water bottles into the zoo, but they are not allowed to bring any other food or beverages with them.


If you find yourself in Delhi, you should check out this park. Millennium indraprastha park new delhi is a stunning location with many interesting attractions. The park’s fantastic kid-friendly activities and gorgeous landscaping make it a must-see for every visitor to Delhi.


May I enter the park with my pet?

No, animals are not permitted in the park.

What are some of the attractions inside the park?

Children’s play equipment and food stands are two of the park’s most visited features.

Is there a set of rules that everyone who enters the park must abide by?

Sure, everyone should know not to leave trash behind, not to light up while in the park, and not to wreck anything. Some of the park’s attractions or locations may have their own set of regulations.

Are there any places to stay within the park itself?

The park does not have any lodging options at this time. However, several lodging options are close to the park, including hotels and inns.

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