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How do I plan a trip to an unknown place?

If you like adventure trips and planning a trip to an unknown place then this article is especially for you. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can plan a trip to an unknown place.If you are going to a place about which you do not know much, then you should keep these 10 things in mind before planning the trip.

10 things you must do for an unknown trip

1.Don’t hesitate to seek help from the Internet

If you are going on a trip to a new place, then first of all get complete information about that place from the internet or from someone you know. You should know where you are going, how that place is, how the people are there.Apart from this, you can also inform your online friends living here through social media that you are coming to their area. With this, you can get local support there. If you get into any kind of trouble there tomorrow, these online friends of yours can help you.

2.Read reviews before booking a hotel

If you are a woman, then you need to know where you are going to stay during your trip. You should know about it thoroughly. People only look at the price while booking a hotel. However, it is more important than the price to know what people think about the place where you are going to stay. So to know this, before booking a hotel, you must read the reviews of the travellers who have stayed there. Book a hotel only if there are mostly positive reviews, otherwise search for another hotel. Although not everyone will have the same opinion about any hotel, still see what most of the people are saying about that hotel.

3.Do not share your complete information

sually, it happens that during the journey we mingle with our co-travellers and tell them all about where we are coming from, where we are going and for what purpose. However, in today’s time, it is not wise to do so. Therefore, share as much information as is necessary with anyone. Do not tell everything about yourself to anyone even where you are going.

4.Always Carry Some dry fruits

When you are leaving for a journey, do not forget to keep some Dry fruits with your luggage. You may feel a little awkward doing this, but this thing will be very useful to you in your future journey. Many times, in your passion for travelling, you forget to eat and drink on time.In such a situation, when you feel hungry and do not see anything to eat around, do not panic. Just eat your some Dry fruits. With this, you can control your hunger at least for a while.

5.Always carry something like a weapon in your bag

Violence or carrying any kind of weapon is not a good thing, but it is very important to keep yourself prepared for your safety. That is why when you are going on a trip, keep some items with you which can act as a weapon when the time comes.Such as a small knife, sharp belt, strong wooden roll etc. In today’s time, it cannot be said that when we get stuck in a bad situation, having something like this with us gives us courage in a way.

6.Work with your mind, not your heart

It is said that children are honest at heart, but in today’s times, this truth and innocence of children is being taken advantage of. Everyone knows that people take pity on children more than adults and listen to them. In such a situation, children are used to rob travellers at tourist places.That is why whenever you go on a trip, stay away from these frauds using children. Children can innocently extort money from you by expressing their plight or can coax you into talking and stealing your belongings. Similarly, there are some big people too, who try to extort money from you by telling you about their compulsion or will run away with your phone on the pretext of calling. Therefore, while travelling, use your mind more than your heart.

7.Be careful while booking a taxi

Seeing new passengers, many taxi drivers take them in the taxi. If someone asks you to sit in a taxi, then do not make the mistake of sitting in the taxi without thinking. Decide about the fare before sitting. It should not happen that after dropping you at your destination, the taxi driver demands any amount of money from you.Apart from this, be cautious while travelling by taxi. Nowadays, there are many types of cab services in use whose fare is fixed in advance and along with this, they are also safe. If such a service is available then use it.

8.Talk to everyone, but don’t trust anyone.

It is also true that unless you talk to someone, how will you be able to fully know about a new place? Therefore, while travelling, talk openly to everyone, and get all the information about this city from people. But don’t trust anyone blindly. If someone tells you that he will get you a hotel at a cheap price, then refuse it by making some excuse. Don’t get so close to someone that you eat whatever they give you without thinking. All this can be dangerous for you, so be cautious.

9.Avoid all types of scams

If you are going to travel outside the country, then be cautious while exchanging your currency. It should not happen that someone hands you fake notes in exchange for your hard-earned money. Before exchanging currency, check on Google whether the exchange office from where you are exchanging your money is verified or not .Apart from this, avoid taking any kind of credit card. This can be a kind of scam which can extort money from you in the name of a credit card.

10.Apartments for rent

Whenever you go to travel to an unknown place, keep in mind where you have to stay at night. Nowadays, there are many such websites through which you can book a room or take and apartments for rent for yourself anywhere. If you make arrangements to stay there before leaving, your journey will become much easier.

Before going to any unknown place, it is very important to download Google Maps on your mobile. with the help of Google Maps, you get a lot of information about your place. In this article, we have informed you about How do you plan a trip to an unknown place. We have full hope that you will find this information very useful. Thank you very much for reading our article.

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