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Travel Blogging Hacks: How To Stay Present & Still Document Your Adventures

It sounds like the perfect combination, getting to travel around the world and potentially get paid to do it by blogging all of your adventures. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just scoop up a camera, a smartphone and a laptop and become an instant online success.

There are many traps and pitfalls to travel blogging, not to mention the competition. But one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is forgetting to actually enjoy their holiday and be present in the moment for each of their experiences. This balance is crucial and achievable with the right strategies. Here are some practical hacks to help you stay present and still document your adventures effectively.

Leverage Technology

Technology is going to be at the heart of everything you do as a travel blogger and you are going to have to pack lean and mean, so making the right choices is essential.

This includes your software as you don’t want to be juggling too many apps and platforms that will become confusing and cumbersome. A good start is to get a scheduling app like Buffer that will allow you to forward scheduled posts across multiple social media platforms.

Additionally, with the Adobe Express app you can enhance your visual content through a variety of tools for creating eye-catching graphics, editing photos, and designing engaging social media posts, all from your mobile device. By leveraging these technological tools, your content creation process becomes more efficient, allowing for a more enjoyable and immersive travel experience.

Plan Ahead

When going on holiday, being spontaneous and embracing the unknown can be a lot of fun. However this does not lay the platform for a successful blogging platform, as the experiences and access to these experiences becomes an unknown quantity.

Before your trip, research the destinations you will visit and make a rough plan of the kind of content you want to create. Identify key locations, events, and experiences that are must-captures. This pre-planning allows you to allocate specific times for content creation, ensuring that you have ample time to immerse yourself in the experience without constantly thinking about your blog.

Create a Flexible Itinerary

Being super organised is important, but you have to allow room in your schedule to be flexible for many reasons. Firstly, you cannot control the weather or other elements that could mean that attractions are closed, unavailable or just not really suitable for blogging about.

On top of this, you don’t want to minimise your own experiences. If you are having fun, stay a little longer. If you see something amazing that is not on your schedule, have the room to include it at the last minute. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy spontaneous moments without feeling pressured to stick to a rigid schedule.

Portable Gear Recommendations

You are not going to be able to pack all of the mod-cons of your home studio on holiday. Even the travel kit you might use domestically is likely going to have to be stripped back for your overseas travelling. That’s why practical rule #1 of the digital nomad lifestyle is making sure your gear and equipment is super portable.

You will need to decide what is essential and what is not, to keep the weight in your pack down and also to allow yourself to be nimble when documenting your journey. Some of the essentials you should consider are a smartphone gimbal for stable video shots in most environments, a portable tripod and external battery packs to ensure you are never without power.

Prioritise Experiences Over Perfection

Over 69 percent of people over the age of 70 regret missing out on visiting at least one dream destination in their lifetime, so don’t leave room for regrets when you travel abroad. It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of perfect content, but remember that your primary purpose is to enjoy and experience the journey. Prioritise being present in the moment over capturing every detail perfectly. Authenticity resonates more with audiences than flawless content.

Candid Photography


Candid shots often tell a more compelling story than posed pictures. Capture moments as they unfold naturally, showcasing real emotions and experiences. But be aware of the local rules when it comes to photography. There are many locations around the world where taking photos is forbidden by law.

Set Boundaries

Establish boundaries for when and how you create content. Dedicate specific times of the day for photography or writing, and ensure you have ample downtime to relax and enjoy your surroundings. This approach helps maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Engage With Locals

Interacting with locals can provide unique insights and stories that enrich your content. These interactions offer a deeper understanding of the culture and often lead to unforgettable experiences. Additionally, locals can guide you to lesser-known spots that are off the beaten path, enhancing your travel adventure.

Learning about and respecting local traditions deepens your appreciation for the culture you’re experiencing. Engaging with residents can reveal hidden gems, as they can recommend places to visit and activities to try that you might not find in tourist guides. This local knowledge adds a richer dimension to your travel blogging, making your content more authentic and engaging.

Reflect and Write Later

Another great way of staying present is reducing any stress or pressure you may place on yourself to be creating as you go about your adventuring. You don’t have to be vlogging or typing up new blog posts every time you stroll through a bazaar or find yourself speaking with a local vendor. In fact, your content will actually be improved if you let yourself stay totally present and take some time to reflect before you open up your notebook or start a fresh Word doc.

Instead of trying to write detailed blog posts during your trip, make brief notes or voice recordings of your experiences and reflections. You can flesh out these notes into full blog posts once you’re back home, allowing you to stay present during your travels.

Balance Online and Offline Time

While it’s important to stay connected for content sharing, ensure you allocate time to disconnect from digital devices and immerse yourself fully in the travel experience. This balance helps you recharge and fosters genuine connections with the places and people you encounter. Ensure you have periods allocated to digital detoxes where you dedicate your time to being offline and present in the moment.

Balancing the art of staying present with the demands of travel blogging is no small feat, but it is certainly possible with the right approach. Planning ahead, using efficient tools, prioritising experiences, and setting boundaries are key strategies to achieve this balance. Embrace the journey, engage with locals, and document your adventures authentically. By doing so, you not only create compelling content but also enrich your travel experiences. Keep exploring and sharing your unique stories with the world.

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