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Chhatarpur Mandir: Chhatarpur Temple Timings, Location & Metro

Delhi is a wonderful place and the capital of India. It is having different popular divine places. The different divine places located in Delhi are Lotus temple, Akshardham temple, and many more temples. Chhatarpur mandir new Delhi is a beautiful temple. This is based on the goddess Katyayini. Temple was established by the baba Sant Nagpal Ji whose samadhi is also present in the area of the temple.

It is the biggest temple in India but now it becomes the second largest temple after the construction of the Akshardham temple. The whole temple is constructed with marble. Many tourists used to visit this place on the regular basis.

Chhatarpur Mandir History

The story of the temple is revolving around baba Sant Nagpal Ji who do not leave his rules and regulation to anyone. He was born on the special day of Holi and that day was a full moon day. He even lost his parent at an early age. Then a woman told him that she was the universe’s mother and she would be taken to a temple where he can live with her. He used to make a contact with the divine directly and do not do anything without her permission of her.

Katyayini Mata mandir Delhi History

Katyayini Mata mandir

Chhatarpur mandir Delhi is also known by the other name Shree Adya Katyayini temple. Chhatarpur mandir location is only 4 km away from the Qutub Minar. Shree Katyayini was known as the sixth part of the Mata Durga. For paying homage to Mata Katyayini, the Chhatarpur Mata mandir has constructed Shaktipeeth.

The Shaktipeeth constructed is very much different from the other Shaktipeeth constructed in different areas. It is not because of the architectural design but it was because of the baba Sant Nagpal Ji which was known as the moving spirit. He was following the true tradition in his whole life and he has even devoted his full life to helping poor people.

Chhatarpur Temples in the complex

The visitors have to enter through the main gate and then visit the lord shiva temple, Mata Parvati and ram Darbar. The ram Darbar is divided into three categories. The first is the statue of hanuman. The second one is a statue of Shree ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman, and Chhatarpur hanuman mandir. The third one is a statue of Radha Krishna. Then the visitors have to climb up the stairs and they would be seeing the statue of Mata Katyayini. At the feet of the statue of Mata Katyayini is the statue of lord Ganesh.

When you come downstairs you would be seeing a statue of the Mata Mahishasurmardini who killed evil Mahishasura because of his evil deeds. It is open only on spacius days like Purnima’s and Navratri’s. After this, the visitors would be seeing Satsang hall which is used only for the celebration. Besides it, you would be seeing the resting room of Mata. In this, there is a bed, a dressing table, a dining table, and a small statue of baba Ji. The temple is having different complexes like baba Ji museum, nutans block, and many more. In the nutans complex, the visitors would be seeing Vishnu and Lakshmi statues. It is designed in the southern style. You would also be seeing a large hall in which people can stay and eat food.

In the baba Ji museum, you would be seeing the things which the devotees have given to him. A statue of him was also displayed in the room where he used to listen to the devotees. In the markandeya temple, there is a statue of maharana Pratap and the trisula of him is also displayed.

Baba Nagpal Ji

He was born on a full moon night. Baba Nagpal Ji used to wear white and saffron clothes. When he used to sing or chant mantras different vibes are felt by the visitors who used to travel at that particular time. He has to follow sainthood after the death of his mother when he was just 4 years of age. One of the neighbors took the child to the temple and told him that she was his new mother while pointing towards the statue of the Mata Katyayini. He took these lessons very seriously. Then he made temples of Mata Katyayini in different areas of Delhi, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh. But he used to give to a different trust.

Religious activities in Chhatarpur Mandir

Chhatarpur Mandir


Navratri celebrations

The temple used to celebrate the Navratri in the month of march and April as it is known for the birth of Lord Rama. The second Navratri in September and October is celebrated for Mata Durga and returning of Lord Rama from exile. The Navratri celebration starts with the holy bath of the Mata Katyayini. The puja materials are shared with different 90 different mandirs during the time of Navratri.


Mahashivratri is also celebrated in this temple as it is celebrated on the 14th day of the fagun. It was believed that lord shiva and Mata Parvati got married on this specious day. On this particular day, the devotes are provided with free bhang, fruits, and many other things which are the specialty of this day.


Janmashtami is a colorful festival and the devotees believed that Lord Krishna has taken birth on earth on this day. Every part of the temple is decorated and many tourists are attracted to this temple on this day.

Baba Ji’s birthday

His birthday is also celebrated in this temple. It is considered one of the most important festivals in the temple. Early morning, the statue is given a holy bath, and mantras are chanted for the full day. Many programs are also held on this day.
Babaji’s nirvaan divas:

On this, the Samadhi of the baba Ji is decorated with flowers. It is celebrated on the 15 December and mantras are chanted for the whole day.

Education services

There are different institutions and schools which are open for students who are not able to study because of the financial issues of the family. The schools are not taking any fees from the students so that they can study without any problem. The best education is provided by the teachers to the students. Different institutions and schools are Shivani Vidhya Niketan and Sant Nagpal public schools.

Chhatarpur temple is one of the tourist attractions of Delhi. It is one of the biggest temples found in India. It is built to pay homage to the Mata Katyayini and Baba Sant Nagpal Ji. Baba Sant Nagpal Ji was ideal for many people as he never speaks lies and has done good things for the needy ones. He is very much happy with what he was having.

Many festivals are celebrated in this temple. Many tourists used to visit this place on the regular basis. Some educational services are also provided by the temple to the students who want to study and achieve something better in their life. People get a very different vibe when they visit this temple during the prayers.

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