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Feroz Shah Kotla Fort: Jinn Haunted History, Timings and Metro Station

Delhi is a beautiful and fantastic place that provides various historical as well as haunting sites for the viewers. Delhi consists of monuments, parks, and multiple museums in different areas. The visitors will get amused after watching the whole of Delhi because the site is the best place for any planned trip.

Overview of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

feroz shah kotla fort information

The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is one of the best places that gets visited by many tourists in the world. The site consists of the Ashokan pillar on the one side and Jami Masjid on the other side. The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is a fortress fort that has built by Delhi sultanate during the 14th century.

The sultan Feroz Shah then named the fort by Ferozabad. The fort consists of various gardens, Baoli palaces, madrassas, and mosques, which get visited by most of the visitors. The place was in use when Mughals were facing a significant issue of water in their area named Tughlaqabad.

The most remarkable feature of the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi is that it consists of Ashoka Pillar that is thirteen meters long. The pillar stands in a pyramid structure building, and it is a magnificent pillar. The fort consists of support that has brought by Shah from Ambala, and then it got engraved with lots of principals of Ashoka edicts.

History of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

feroz shah kotla fort history

The city of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi got constructed during 1354, which gets considered as the capital of Delhi Sultanate during 1354. It consists of 13 meters long pillars named Ashoka pillars on its side.

These pillars have constructed by using polished sandstone, and it got installed in Sultanate’s fort by using three-tier pavilions. 

The Mughal’s built Feroz Shah Kotla Fort when they were facing a significant problem of shortage of water. Then they shifted from Tughlakabad to the Firozabad due to a lack of water in their area, and that is why a fort built near the Yamuna Nagar, which helped them solve the problem of water.

It consists of various places like Madrasas, gardens, palaces, and mosques that are very popular and exciting for sightseeing. The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort history provides an excellent blessing for djinns because the place is famous for its benefits and problem-solving.

The Architecture of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

feroz shah kotla fort

Feroz Shah Kotla is one of the most massive and ancient forts that consist of excellent architecture work. Much architecture, including Malik Ghazi and Abdul Hakk, designed the fort in such elegant ways that Feroz Shah Kotla fort architecture gets admired these days.

Both Malik Ghazi and Abdul Hakk have helped in building the polygon shape of the fort. Feroz Shah was the main person behind the building of a fort when their area was facing a significant problem of water supply. The fort has a built-in irregular shape on the side of the Yamuna River to get the problem provision of water.

Haunted Story of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Haunted Story of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

People believe that Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi is a very haunting place, and many recommend that visitors should not visit the area after sunset. The fort has a significant impact on Djinns, spirits, and ghosts that roam around the place after the sunset.

It has got constructed in the heart of the city that is behind the ITO press lane, and it is very near to Kotla Cricket Stadium. The local people get seen every Thursday that they offer milk and various products to djinns so that they can understand their wishes to come true. You can also find that many mentally disturbed people visit Feroz Shah Kotla Fort to get solace.

It gets said that djinns are shapeless that can get married and even can have kids, but they are formless, unlike humans. Visitors need to know that they are not like angels, and they can get bad as well as moody at any period. The remarkable fact is that bad djinns mainly prey on young women when they find them alone and on the roof while they were drying their hair.

The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort haunted place consists of many screaming voices that come out from the graves, and many visitors have claimed that they have slapped by invisible hands. Many people have also chased by mysterious winds that roam around the whole Feroz Shah Kotla Fort.

Things to see at Feroz Shah Kotla Fort:

Ruins of Palace:

feroz shah kotla fort image

The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort information includes that Ruins of Palace is a great place to visit inside the fort. The beautiful palace had got built by Mughla’s during the fourteen century when they were having a significant problem of water in their city. The famous Sultan Feroz Shah made the place which gets named as Ferozabad.

Pyramid Structure:

Pyramid Structure

The Ashoka Pillars have brought in the fort during 236 BC from Ambala, and then it was not easy to install the pillar in fort because of the large size of components. Thus, pyramidal structured with three-story was get made to establish the Ashoka pillar in the fort very smoothly and successfully. The black and white stones used to make the pyramidal structures, which consist of Kalash at the top.

Mosque (Jami Masjid):

Kotla Masjid

It is one of the oldest and largest mosques of the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort that gets still used by visitors. It has built by using an extreme series of underground quartzite stone that covers the limestone. The Jami Masjid consists of exciting surroundings that include large courtyards of cloisters and hall for prayers. These prayer halls have once used by the royal ladies of the 14th century, and the architecture of the Masjid supports as an excellent example of Tughluq structures.

Top Ashokan Pillar:


Ashokan Pillar

The 13-meter tall pillar has accurately placed on the north side of the Masjid that lies inside the fort. The Ashokan pillar of Meerut got rebuilt by Kolkata’s society after the explosion on the component, and then both of the Ashokan Pillars has completely wrapped with cotton silk. Then the pillars have transported by a large number of people on the carriage of 42 wheels to the Feroz Shah Tughluq so that they can prevent the components from any other damage.



Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Baoli

Baoli is a stepwell that lies on the northwestern side of the pillars of the fortress. It has got constructed in subterranean departments that lie on the vast gardens of the fort. It also consists of an underground canal that includes running water wells on the side.

It is a very famous Baoli of Delhi, which consists of a tank with the well. It is the old times; visitors were able to enter the Baoli from the north and east side, but now only the west side is accessible to join. You, as a visitor, can not enter the place because of some security reasons, but researchers can quickly enter the area after permission.

Prayers at the Fort:

Prayers at the Kotla Fort

The fort consists of a great crowd every Thursday because it gets believed that jinns descend in the place to fulfill the wishes of the people. The visitors can find that many dreams get written on the paper and then pinned on the walls of the fort within the premises.

Many people come to a fortress that is facing mental disorders because they find solace in the fort. The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is not such an old place for the visitors because the first record of a large number of visitors has recorded after the end of an emergency.

How to reach Feroz Shah Kotla Fort?

It is effortless to take the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort nearest metro station that is ITO on Violet Line. You can easily make other transport systems like auto, taxi, and bus to reach the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort nearest metro.

The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort timings include the timings between the sunrise and the sunset. 

  • Address: Balmiki Basti, Vikram Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110002
  • Timings: 8:30 am–7 pm (all days)
  • Nearest Metro Station: ITO on Violet Line
  • Fee: Rs.30 and Rs.500 non-Indian


The grand fort of the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort Delhi is very unusual because of its number of peculiarities. The visitors get great blessings from the jinns and the djinns. They can register their wishes to the walls of the fort because it gets believed that jinn fulfills their desires.

It would help if you visited the fort by Thursday because a jinni appears from heaven to consider all the preferences of the people. You can visit amazing sites like Baoli, gardens, and monuments like Masjid around the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort.

Places to visit near Feroz Shah Kotla Fort:



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