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Shankar’s International Dolls Museum Delhi: Timings, Ticket and Metro

Shankar’s Doll Museum, also known as International Dolls Museum locates in Delhi India. A famous K.Shankar Pillai cartoonist has set up this museum which consists of a winding staircase that further leads to the foyer. This doll museum covers the area of the floor that is about 5,184.5 feet square. It has a full portion of the first floor. It locates in the Children’s Book Trust building that is on Bahadur Shah Zafar Road in Delhi.

The entire museum has two parts divided equally. These two parts have more than 160 glass cases that are around 1000 feet in length and even mounted on the walls. In the first section, there are dolls from the European Countries, UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Common Wealth Independent States, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Along with the impressive representation of the dolls, there are some particular representations too. This space has more than 150 kinds of dolls that wear an authenticated Indian costume prepared at the workshop for the Shankar’s International Dolls Museum.

Shankar’s Doll Museum History

Doll Museum History

A famous Cartoonist, Keshav Shankar Pillai once found a doll in the traditional attire of Hungarian costume from Hungarian diplomat. Thus from that time, he started collecting several from the around the areas of countries he visited. And then he planned to add his all collection as a mini-museum.

With this, Shankar received more than 500 dolls in a few years when he traveled along with Prime of India as a journalist. With this, he started conducting exhibitions on dolls in Delhi, India. But these exhibitions brought doll damage to him. Shankar began thinking about this problem for the damaged dolls and planned for something that can save his dolls.

Once Smt. Indira Gandhi visited Shankar in his exhibition in Delhi along with Jawaharlal Nehru. She asked him to open up the International Dolls Museum. From her, Shankar got an idea for the development of a museum for his dolls to showcase. Thus Dr. S. Radhakrishnan finally inaugurated The Dolls Museum in 1965. Therefore when Children’s Book Trust put a section apart to take this as a museum for Shankar’s dolls.

The first collections made by Shankar includes the gifts he received from Jawaharlal Nehru. Also, many diplomatic missions and other embassies gifted him different dolls for his museum. After the museum had set up, Shankar added five thousand more dolls to it. Many of them were gifts, and then the counter incremented to 6,500 dolls from 85 different countries. It has given it an international character.

Today Shankar Doll Museum Delhi is an itinerary for the visitors. Some prevalent personalities who visited this museum and shown their appreciation are:

U. Thant, Madame Tito of Yugoslavia, The Queen of Thailand, Queen Frederika, sister of Shah of Iran, PM of Poland and South Korea, and many more.

List of Top Doll Collection

Doll Collection

Presently, Shankar’s International Dolls Museum New Delhi has a collection of around 7,000 dolls that are either gifted by the personalities and some others collected by Shankar himself from 85 different countries. The museum is today famous for its collection worldwide. This is all work of art. All the dolls are well settled and astonishing and also they have expressions.

There are two dolls section in Shankar’s International Dolls Museum Delhi. There are different categories of dolls, including wax dolls, clay dolls, wooden dolls, ceramic dolls, soft dolls, plastic dolls, and string dolls. Here is a description of the dolls collected from different regions of the world.

  • USA

USA Dolls

The dolls collected from the USA are presented in the first part of the museum. Each doll from the USA displayed in the museum is handcrafted with astonishing physical attributes that show the US cultural wear. Museum has a representation of the cultural delegations from the US.

  • Cuba

Cuba dolls

Cuba has made a big collection of dolls to Shankar Doll Museum. There are different types of dolls collected from Cuba or received a gift from famous personalities. These dolls are made from wax, ceramic material, soft material, clay, wood, and plastic dolls. Cuba has made many contributions to the museum.

  • Mexico

Mexico Dolls

Mexico also delivered amazing and beautiful dolls to The International Dolls Museum. The ceramic dolls from Mexico have given the best addition to the museum presentation. The wife of Mexican President her delivered dolls to Shankar on her visit. The Mexican collection of dolls to the museum is unique.

  • Peru

Peru Dolls

Peru’s contribution to the Doll display in Shankar’s International Dolls museum is in the first section. This itinerary list of dolls from Peru is quite useful in a number. Peru has assisted in increasing the record for the museum dolls from thousand dolls to 7000 and too with the best and fantastic doll views.

  • Japan

Japanese Dolls are in the second section of the International Doll museum representation. Japanese are known for their art, and also you can conclude it with the Japanese dolls presented in the museum. Shankar has made up a good collection adding Japan Dolls into his museum addition.

  • South Korea

South Korea Dolls

The dolls from South Korea fall in the first section of the Doll Museum Delhi. Shankar did not go there, but people from South Korea made their visit to the place and gifted dolls for the museum. It is quite fascinating to note that Prime Minister of South Korea himself visited the museum to improve Shankar’s collection to it.

  • Indonesia


Indonesia also forms a list of some very popular dignitaries who visited the museum. They have recorded the beauty of the museum with their nation’s dolls. Big thanks to the wife of the President of Indonesia to attend the International Doll Museum in Delhi and had a trip to Indian Museum beauty. She even contributed to the beauty of the dolls she brought for the museum.

  • Thailand

Thailand dolls

The Queen of Thailand has visited Shankar’s dolls museum in Delhi to bring dolls as a gift for him. Shankar has beautifully presented all of them. These dolls from Thailand are present in the second section of the doll museum.

  • China

China dolls

Various people from China visited Indian Doll Museum in Delhi to watch what so special it is all about. Also, they contributed to enhancing its beauty by adding dolls to the museum. The dolls from China fall presented in the second section of the Doll Museum.

  • Russia

Russia dolls

Again it is a collection for the second section of the doll museum. Shankar took dolls from Russia that are in several constructed quality including wooden, soft, ceramic, clay, and the string dolls. It was his eyes to see the beauty of the dolls and collect them in one area in his museum.

How to Reach Shankar Doll Museum

Shankar's Doll Museum

The museum situates near Ram Charan Aggarwal Chowk. Delhi Metro is another way to reach the Doll Museum very conveniently. Also, you go very quickly to the museum hiring a cab or a rickshaw. Many people prefer to take the Local bus for this purpose. However, some others plan in their car, but there is a big issue for parking in that area.

  • By Bus

People usually prefer traveling through local buses in Delhi. Thus they prefer visiting through the buses. The nearest bus stop is ITO Bus Stop.

  • By Metro

Metro Travelling is the best and convenient way to The Doll Museum in Delhi. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum nearest Metro Station is ITO Station on Violet Line.

  • Timing

The right Doll Museum Delhi Timings to visit are 10 am to 6 pm. The entries will close at 5.30 pm.

  • Entry Fee

Doll Museum Delhi Timing and Ticket are all fixed. It costs INR 10 for students less than the age of 12 years and INR 25 for the adults. Children who visit the group of a total of 20 people or more will get charge of INR 5 as a discounted price.


While visiting The Doll Museum in Delhi, make sure you have at least two hours to explore the entire museum with pressure and look into the doll’s beauty. Clicking pictures of dolls is not allowed inside the museum. You can take any food items inside the museum. There is nothing to eat once you enter the Doll Museum Delhi.

However, there is a facility for drinking water and washrooms inside the museum. You may also visit other places near to the Doll Museum in Delhi.

Places to Visit near Doll Museum:


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