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Dream Stays: How can you find the Perfect St. John Villa

Are you planning a trip to St. John, US Virgin Islands, also known as one of the most enchanting places on Earth? This slice of paradise is the second smallest island in the US Virgin Islands, with Virgin Islands National Park covering 60% of its area. The national park’s protection ensures that this island remains the pristine paradise that visitors cherish.

A journey to villa in St. John will provide beautiful white-sand beaches, fascinating climbs past ancient ruins, and spectacular beauty in a pristine setting. Because the island only has one chain hotel, the Westin, most visitors stay in the modest villas or cottages that dot the rugged landscape. Because of their elevation, several of these rentals provide breathtaking views of the azure Caribbean Sea. The following one-week schedule will show you the best of St. John. From breathtaking beaches to the best restaurants, you’re sure to have a perfect vacation.

Why Choose St. John?

With so many Caribbean islands to select from, why should you choose St. John? Well, as previously stated, St. John is really stunning. This is due in large part to the fact that the Virgin Islands National Park covers almost 60% of the entire island. As a result, you are treated to pristine views of rocky island scenery blanketed in lush vegetation. The island is smaller and less developed than the other USVIs, yet it boasts beautiful beaches and lots to do.

St. John is inaccessible by plane, and the beaches are devoid of mainstream commercial restaurants, stores, and large resorts. This is a unique opportunity to fully unplug and be present in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Don’t worry, there are still lots of beach bars where you can fulfil your vacation quota of rum-based beverages. The sun seekers who return to this island, including myself, value St. John’s relaxed and fuss-free culture. This casual beach bum environment does not require any dressing up, which is exactly how I prefer it. T-shirts and shorts all day!

How can you find the Perfect St. John Villa

Find the Perfect St. John Villa

The following one-week plan will show you the best of St. John Villa. From breathtaking beaches to the best restaurants, you’re sure to have a perfect vacation.

A villa with a perfect location

When we say perfect location, we don’t always mean locating a villa with a beautiful view… because, let’s face it, practically every single villa on St. John has magnificent vistas. We’re talking about choosing a villa that provides a unique blend of actual solitude and convenient closeness to activities you want to do, such as quick or private beach access!

St. John is separated into several distinct neighbourhoods, each of which provides distinctive experiences and amenities. Consider the things you intend to perform while in St. John to ensure that your villa is placed in an area that best meets your requirements.


When booking a luxury villa, you should consider the typical and “expected” accommodations and check that they are available. The essentials typically enhance your experience include items like:

  • WiFi
  • TV 
  • Computer
  • Pool or Hot Tub


These are wonderful, but they are seen in nearly every villa; they are now considered standard. So you want to locate a villa that provides additional rooms and amenities to make your stay memorable. We’re discussing things like:

  • Personal concierge will greet you upon arrival.
  • Exercise and game rooms
  • Daily housework.
  • On-call property management.
  • Snorkelling and beach gear
  • Having food, beverages, and liquors ready for you before you arrival

Furthermore, you should search for one that can set up additional/optional facilities, such as:

  • On-site masseuse
  • On-site private chef
  • On-site personal trainer

Having accommodations like the ones we’ve mentioned above can make your stay luxurious and unforgettable. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the point. Each villa on the island provides the necessities, so look for the ones with unique features that go above and beyond the ordinary, as well as those that provide what you want.

What Makes St. John Villa Unique

Finally, when it comes to renting a villa in St. John, you want something special and distinct from the others. This could include extra amenities like those mentioned above, as well as the villa’s architecture and style. It should also promote relaxation and privacy. 

When searching for a villa, consider what distinguishes this one from others on the island. There are numerous villas on the island, so don’t settle for the first one you come across; instead, choose the one that outperforms the others. This not only ensures that your stay is memorable, but it also gives you bragging rights when telling your friends back home about your holiday!

Whatever your needs are when picking where to stay in St. John, make sure to examine these five factors before committing!

How can you find the Perfect St. John Villa

Best Time To Visit St. John Villa

April – June 

The tourist season decreases, and hotel rates fall during this time of year. Average temperatures range from the mid-70s to the upper 80s, and there is typically little rain, making this an excellent time to visit before hurricane season begins.

December – March 

The peak tourist season in the United States Virgin Islands overlaps with that of many other Caribbean islands, and hotel and resort rates can increase by $150-200 or more per night. Temperatures hover around 80 degrees during this time of year, followed by what many inhabitants refer to as the “Christmas Winds” in the evening. Packing a jacket can come in handy. Also, take in mind that the water is slightly colder…but still manageable.

July – November 

Travelling during these months will provide you with incredible package bargains and accommodation rates, but it is also storm season. Even if there isn’t a severe storm, you may expect a lot of rain and high temperatures. Temperatures frequently reach the upper 80s, and pests are more prevalent during this time. If you decide to visit despite the risk of hurricanes, you might consider purchasing travel insurance to cover your trip.

How can you find the Perfect St. John Villa

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With breathtaking ocean views, a personal concierge and on-call property manager, optional private chef and masseuses, and so much more. There you have it, some of the best-rated hotels on St. John, USVI. If you’re planning a family vacation to the US Virgin Islands or need a place to do business, we can help you book accommodations at one of these popular Caribbean holiday spots. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and one of our helpful concierges will contact you shortly. If you’re seeking for a more permanent holiday home in the United States Virgin Islands, visit Holiday Homes VI to learn more about St. John real estate The main focus is always on exceeding, not just meeting, expectations. We offer our guests unparalleled vistas, luxurious amenities, world-class service, and an amazing experience! 

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